Bison Herd scares driver who stomps over top of car at night: “They ran right over me”

Bison Herd scares driver who stomps over top of car at night: "They ran right over me"

Bison… what a majestic beast.

Big, strong, powerful… for the most part they leave you alone. But they’re trapped between two cars on an icy Alaskan road and will escape by any means necessary… even through you.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

In Delta Junction, Alaska, right next to the Canadian border, snow and ice have kept wildlife on major roads and trails, impacting a number of people.

As you can see from video footage, a separate driver gets out of his car to capture some bison surrounding another vehicle in the middle of the road.

It seems that the bison loses interest and starts to walk away, towards the camera.

However, they stop for a moment, and startled by the lights, they turn and storm back to the other car. But instead of going around the vehicle like most bison do, they went right over it.

The poetic videographer described the chilling scene:

“Bisons are beasts of the chilly night, seemingly ancient ghosts transcending from prehistoric times… storming across the canvas of civilized society.

Deep, crusty snow forces the bison to stay on the icy roads and seriously endangers motorists in Alaska. A cautiously stationary car is wrecked when the buffalo herd becomes a villain, trampling everything in its path.

The eerie sounds of their breath and ‘call’ lend a mysterious air to the crisp night air as these beasts, under cover of darkness, roam the countryside in search of food, often crushing everything in their path.”

Well said…

The two drivers have an exchange towards the end of the video:

“How do you like my car?”

“Yes, what happened? I heard that…”

“The buffalo took my car out…”

‘Where did they hit you? They walked right on your hood?’

“They walked right over me.”


Yup… holy shit is just about all you can say.

Nature man… it’s wild.