Britain’s best driving car: the Porsche 911 GT3

Britain's best driving car: the Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche wins performance test shock! No one was surprised when the 911 GT3 came out on top in our annual Britain’s Best Driver’s Car competition, but it certainly wasn’t due to a lack of decent competition.

It saw the Ariel Atom, who had won two years at the trot and came in with a very serious scream to make it a hat-trick. A Ferrari of almost 1000 hp and our favorite Lamborghini for a long time were also forces to be reckoned with.

Weissach has been on a roll lately. The closer the death of piston engines gets, the more determined Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger and his team seem to go out with a bang. The division’s naturally aspirated flat six has clearly established itself as one of the greatest engines of all time, a feat all the more remarkable given the strict emissions regulations that any modern engine must meet.

An engine that revs up to 9000 rpm is something very special when almost every other has a turbo. An engine that takes on an otherworldly whimper in the last 1000 rpm is one to cherish. While that maniacal 503 horsepower six is ​​the first thing that gets burned into your head after even a short drive, there’s a lot more to the new Porsche 911 GT3.

Britain’s best driver’s car is informally referred to as ‘Handling Day’, and the 911 GT3 fits the bill just as well. In solid white and with a gooseneck wing, it looks like a refugee from Le Mans, so it was predictably sublime on the Anglesey Circuit. The new double wishbone front suspension gives the front end the kind of bite and enthusiasm that’s hard to believe from a car with most of its weight in the rear.

The 911 GT3 can be perfectly positioned to the millimeter at any speed and at almost any skill level. But somehow it’s no less impressive if you want to play the hooligan.

In Britain’s Best Driver’s Car, performance on track and in public weighs equally, and the qualities that made the 911 GT3 formidable around Anglesey proved almost as tempting on the roads of North Wales.

Admittedly, it feels more on the track than before, but it’s still beautifully adjustable and super reliable even if you don’t give it a tenth.

A Porsche, especially one that has been fixed by the GT department, is an obvious winner of a best drivers competition. Some will even argue that it’s a boring choice, but even a 15 minute drive in the 911 GT3 would be enough to convince anyone that it is one of the most exciting cars of the modern era, if not ever – and that is exactly what you want from the best driver’s car of the year