Burna Boy most expensive cars: Top 7

Burna Boy Most Expensive Cars: Top 7

Burna Boy is a Nigerian musician with several expensive cars. Most of Burna Boy’s expensive cars are worth more than 100 million Naira, but before we talk about his most expensive cars, below is brief information about him.

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, popularly known by his stage name Burna Boy with an estimated net worth of $25 million, was born on July 2, 1991 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, to the families of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ogulu. He is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and two-time Grammy AWARD winner who has gone on to become one of the greatest and most successful African artists of all time. With his release after the release of “Like to Party” in 2012, Burna Boy became famous. “Like to Party” was the lead track of his debut studio album LIFE {Living Impact To Eternity}, which was released in 2013. More than 40,000 copies of the album were sold on the first day of release.

The Nigerian famous singer has so many cars, but the article focuses on the most expensive. Burna Boy’s most expensive cars concentrate on just the top 7 most expensive of the many he has.

However, Burna Boy who has so many expensive cars is one of the most famous and influential Nigerian singers.

Biological data:

Name: Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu
Date of birth: July 2, 1991
Age: 30 years old
Sex: Male
State of origin: river state
Nationality: Nigeria
Known as: Burna Boy
Career: Singer, dancer and songwriter
On time: 2012 to date
Record company Spaceship, Bad Habit, Atlantic Warner Music
Burna Boy Net worth 17 million
Marital status Only

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Burna Boy Net worth

Burna Boys estimated income is $1,000,000 per year and his net worth is $17 million as of 2022, this made him the 5 richest musicians in Nigeria.

While the article focuses more on Burna Boy’s most expensive cars, these cars come from Burna Boys good power.

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Burna Boy Recommendations List

Burna Boy Net worth

Burna Boy has some enticing endorsement deals such as other musicians with Globacom, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Star Lager Beer and Mortell Cognac.

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Burna Boy Houses and cars

Burna Boy Net worth

Burna Boy, like other celebrities, owns not only flashy cars and houses, but also expensive ones that cost hundreds of millions.

A two-time Grammy AWARD winner owns an 8-bedroom townhouse in Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria

Burna Boy owns a number of flashy and expensive cars, including the following:

Rank Name Quantity
1. Bentley Continental GT N200 million
2. Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible N125 million
3. 2013 Ferrari 485 Italy N100 million
4. Mercedes Benz G Wagon N25 million
5. Lexus SC 430 N18 million
6. Ford Edge Sport N15 million
7. Lexus 2015 N12.5 million

1. Bentley Continental GT – N200 million

First on the list of Burna Boy’s top 7 most expensive cars is the Bentley Continental GT worth N200 million.

Bentley Continental GT is a grand tourer that has been manufactured and marketed by British car manufacturer Bentley Motors since 2003.

However, the car has an elegant and classy look that attracts the attention of Nigerians. It is one of the superstar cars that many Nigerians crave.

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2. 2013 Ferrari 485 Italia – N100 million

2013 Ferrari 485 Italia worth N200 million is second on the list of the top 7 Burna Boy most expensive cars.

According to Wikipedia, the Ferrari 458 Italia (Type F142) is a Ferrari-produced mid-engine sports car. The F458 is the successor to the F430 and was first officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

It was succeeded by the 488 GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta), which was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

3. Rolls-Royce Dawn Convertible – N125 Million

Burna Boy most expensive cars: Top 7

Rolls-Royce Dawn Convertible worth N125 million did not appear on this list by accident, but because of its expensive nature.

The car is not known to the celebrities. Some celebrities in Nigeria crave this particular car but few can afford it due to its expensive nature.

However, Burna Boy, one of the richest musicians in Nigeria, had the chance to own this expensive car.

4. Mercedes Benz G Wagon – N25 Million

On the list of the Burna Boy, Most Expensive Cars is the Mercedez Benz G Wagon with a value of more than 20 million Naira.

Mercedes Benz G Wagon is one of the famous cars common among Nigerian celebrities.

Burna Boy, who is not only one of the richest musicians in Nigeria but also one of the most influential artists in Nigeria, is also one of the celebrities who can afford the Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

5. Lexus SC 430 – N18 million

Lexus SC 430 is one of the top cars enjoyed by Nigerian singers. Almost all famous singers enjoy this special car.

Although some emerging celebrities can’t afford it because of its value, Burna Boy is one of the singers who can’t afford it, as well as among celebrities who enjoy the good car.

In addition, the car has a top speed of over 250 km/h and that is why celebrities love it so much.

6. Ford Edge Sport – N15 Million

The Ford Edge Sport is a range of crossover SUVs manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.

However, the car is worth over 10 million Naira which made it difficult for anyone who craves to afford it.

Due to its value, it is not by accident to appear on this list of Burna Boy’s most expensive cars.

7. 2015 Lexus Salon – N12.5 million

Rounding out the list of Burna Boy’s most expensive cars is a 2015 Lexus Salon valued at over 12 million Naira.

Besides being expensive, the car is one of the most reliable cars in the world. Although it is the last on this list, it is one of the cars that the singer is so fond of.

The singer, dancer and songwriter Burna Boy dominated his cars after one of his successful years.