Car dealership is No. 5 medium-sized enterprise in Top Workplaces for 2022

Car dealership is No. 5 medium-sized enterprise in Top Workplaces for 2022

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Power Ford is the No. 5 medium-sized company in Top Workplaces for 2022.

Description: Power Ford, a privately owned car dealership, was founded in 1994. The dealership has 162 employees. This is the company’s fourth year on the Top Workplaces list.

From the organization: “It is our passion to help people find and maintain the car or truck of their dreams. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping people by connecting them to the things, people and places they love. We love to celebrate the success of our employees and help them grow. We also love to have fun and host several corporate events throughout the year where everyone is invited and encouraged to bring their family.”

From the employees: “I can come to work in an environment that feels less like ‘work’ and more like a ‘family’ dynamic,” said one employee. “Everyone has an encouraging attitude and a willingness to learn and be better than the day before!” Another said: “I love that at Power Ford we have a forward-thinking team who realize that their employees are their greatest asset.”

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Power Ford Managing Partner and General Manager Rob Sneed, whose comments have been edited and summarized for length and clarity.

How do you think the culture has changed at Power Ford during the pandemic?

“The pandemic has changed the way people interact with each other. We have really chosen to see those changes as opportunities for growth. When others struggle to survive, we’ve really taken the approach that we wanted to thrive, so over the past few months we’ve embraced a more “team-centric” solution to serve our customers, and we’re doubling the number that works. I would say that our team members are very proud of the adjustments we have made so far as they promote shared ideas and problem solving. One of the things we say is that we will do anything, anything, or nothing at all to serve our guests. The unintended consequences of all this is that the work-life balance has improved dramatically. And I think that is as good for our customers as it is for our team members.”

What’s the best way you’ve found to boost employee morale?

“The reality is that during the pandemic at the time, we couldn’t always get together. And so now that we can, we will. Our team loves to party – whether it’s hosting everyone and all their families at an Isotopes game or planning team lunches for Top Golf, throwing next level, stunning corporate softball games or even just pizza and two liters hand out at the end of a work week. We try to take the pressure off our team, but we also like to celebrate big. And when it comes to celebrating, we always do it big.”

In what ways have your employees currently engaged in meeting the needs of customers and the community?

“Our business requires a lot of personal customer service. It’s impossible for a mechanic to service a vehicle remotely, and parts are almost always needed in addition to labor during a repair. That means we need team members to order, receive and stock parts – it’s just a very intensive job. What we have tried to do is bring our business to our customers. That’s why we now offer mobile service and pick-up and drop-off. That’s something very few dealers in New Mexico offer, but we do it because we know it makes the ownership experience stress-free. And any way we can reduce the stress makes the experience better.”

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