Car stuck in high water by Good Samaritan

Car stuck in high water by Good Samaritan

SISSONVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) — As many have experienced, driving through high water can be incredibly dangerous.

The Sissonville Volunteer Fire Department told us that flooding is an all-day problem throughout the area and emphasizes that people shouldn’t drive through it, because in the worst case scenario, your car could get stuck like Cohen Powell’s.

“I drove through all the water and tried to brake,” he said. “And my car didn’t stop. And there was a ditch that was in the water and I got stuck. The car was filling up and everything was turned off.”

Powell said he drove down Sissonville Drive earlier in the day without any problems. So he didn’t expect the water to be that deep.

Fortunately for Powell, a man following him in a large silver truck with a metal chain was able to help him.

“If he wasn’t there, it would have been a lot more stressful,” Powell said. “I should have brought other people I don’t know…I’m so thankful he was there.”

While the front bumper of the car is bumped and there is some water on the inside, the car started again after a few attempts.

Powell said he has no intention of riding through something like this again.

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