Carmax pays the maximum for your used car, study shows

The used car retailer CarMax.

If you’re planning to sell your used car, you’re in luck, because it’s a seller’s market. But what if you want to sell your car without the intervention of a private individual or a dealer? In that case, selling your car to a third party such as Carmax, Carvana or Vroom is easier and more profitable. In fact, a recent study shows that Carmax pays out the most.

Carmax had the highest average offer for used cars

This table shows the average supply of each site – Carmax, Carvana and Vroom | FinanceBuzz

‘s team FinanceBuzz, a financial advice website, recently conducted a survey to compare offers on more than 100 different vehicles from three used car dealers – Carmax, Carvana and Vroom. They compared offers of the same car in all three stores to see which would give the highest offers and how the car’s age, body shape and mileage would affect the offer. The results showed that Carmax made the highest bid of the three retailers.