Carvana is in top five of Forbes’ ‘Best Employers for Women’, highest in auto

Carvana is in top five of Forbes' 'Best Employers for Women', highest in auto

Carvana ranks number 5 on Forbes’ list of “America’s Best Employers For Women,” outperforming other auto companies, the online used-car seller said in a press release Tuesday.

Among the various auto-related companies on the list was Mercedes-Benz USA No. 52, Hendrick Automotive Group was No. 175, General Motors was No. 342, CarMax was No. 345 and Hyundai was No. 376.

“Carvana believes in treating people better, from our customers to our thousands of team members across the country,” said Adrienne Sanford, vice president of people and operations at Carvana, in a press release.

“Technology, logistics and the automotive industry have traditionally been male-dominated spaces, but Carvana has always stood for change for the better. We are building a workplace culture where everyone’s voice is valued,” said Sanford.

“We truly believe that Carvana is for everyone. Our mission to create a better experience for our customers starts from Carvana, and being recognized as a place where women are valued means we succeed in changing the wider automotive industry for the better.”

In related news, Cristina Bruns, Carvana’s senior director of Sell to Carvana, was one of the… Automatic Remarketing 2022 Women in Retail Fees.

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