Cheap cars you can buy now for the price of a year of petro

With the average family now paying more than £1,200 a year for petrol and fuel reaching as much as £2 a liter in parts of the UK, another way to drive a car is to lower the cost of the car itself. There are far more than reasonable used cars available for under £1,000 – and many you wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen in. scoured Auto Trader to find bargains not only selling for under a thousand dollars, but also under £200 a year to tax and insure. As a bonus, all of the cars listed below are ULEZ exempt, have never been categorized as damaged, and have all covered less than 100,000 miles.

Okay, so the neighbors won’t be jealous of your new purchase. But you have enough money left to buy a higher fence.

2004 Toyota Yaris – £995
If you want reliability then Toyota is pretty much the dictionary definition, and while this little runabout is pretty much the opposite of the recent GR Yaris hot hatch, it will probably still start and run well after the apocalypse or the hit of an errant meteor.

It’s well-maintained, cheap in tax and insurance, and gets close to 60 mpg on the highway, which will handily distract you as you cling to the wheel, terrified by the huge trucks.

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2007 Mini Hatch 3-door – £950

Yes, it’s true, it’s possible to buy a BMW that ticks all the boxes for under £1,000 – the only downside being that it has to be a BMW-made Mini. That said, there’s nothing wrong with Minis (unless you have a Mini that obviously has something wrong with it) and it certainly wouldn’t look out of place next to most of the brand’s cars over the past 15 years.

It needs some work and it’s had more owners than it has cylinders, but zero-60 in nine seconds, loads of electrical stuff and decent alloy wheels make this probably the best car on the list.