Check out a comparison of four classic ’90s convertibles and see which one is the best buy

'90s Convertible Sports Cars, in row, front

With the used car market still seeing more volatile changes than cryptocurrency, finding an affordable weekend cruiser can be a frustrating affair — especially if you had your eyes on a 90s sports car on the brink of rock bottom.

However, those willing to forgo the hardtop in favor of a convertible or “vert” can find themselves in a buyer’s market with many different options to choose from.

Luckily the motoring journalists at The Fast Lane Car On YouTube narrowed down the four best by region and chose to test the ability of these 20 year old convertibles to educate its viewers on the greatest 90s sports car of all time.

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A test to find the best convertible from the 90s

In a series called “Stud to Dud”, four journalists from TFL Car were given the chance to select their car based on the country they received – including: America, Germany, Japan and Great Britain.

Now in episode four, the current leader is a Ford Mustang SN95, followed by a Jaguar XK, Mercedes-Benz 500 SL and a Nissan 300zx Z32 making up the rear.

With today’s challenge to pit these four against each other on the racetrack, TFL Car will soon discover which of these ’90s convertibles are the fastest.

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A drop-top and a V8, what else do you need?

With a 1:08 benchmark set by a modern Toyota Camry TRD edition, the guys at TFL Car will have their hands full trying to compete with the now 300hp family saloon.

As you might have guessed, these four cars didn’t stand a chance of better modern technology, with the closest time being 1:16 – but the team did manage to prove one thing.

Though they ended up miles behind the Camry, these older and slower sports cars offered the entrenched experience that car enthusiasts cherish, rather than the bland experience that Toyota offers.

But while all four would be worth owning, the winner of these four installments turned out to be the Ford Mustang after nearly walking away in the points standings.

Lucky for us viewers, after crowning the winner of the competition, TFL Car reveals that there will be a bonus episode where the guys don their best “shady car salesman” hat and create an ad explaining why they’re still finding that their car is the best no matter what the numbers say.