Check out some good old American Muscle Car Drag Racing at Cordova Dragway

Ford Mustang Vs Dodge Challenger Drag Race - Cordova Dragway

Legendary cars such as the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet El Camino, Plymouth Barracuda and Pontiac Trans Am collide for high-octane action.

Youtube Channel FourWheels TV shows a series of drag races at Cordova Dragway pitting a variety of classic and more modern muscle cars against each other. While there are a number of single vehicle rides across the strip in this video, there is also an impressive number of extremely close drag races that show the competitiveness of this type of racing. Watch the video on YouTube to see a few very quickly classic cars and vehicles specifically designed for racing speed up to the end of the quarter mile.

Drag Racing at Cordova Dragway

The video opens with a classic Chevy El Camino doing a burnout as it approaches the starting line with some impressive sounds coming from the engine. As the El Camino and a 1970s Chevy Vega exit the starting line, they quickly take off in what turns out to be a competitive race toward the end of the quarter-mile lane. Unfortunately for the El Camino, it is beaten by the Vega who completes the race in 11.04 seconds with a top speed of 108.10 mph, while the El Camino manages to finish in 12.18 seconds with a top speed of 107.27 mph.

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Later, a red Ford Mustang barely loses an incredibly exciting race against a Dodge Challenger, with the two vehicles almost side by side for the entire length of the strip. The fast red and white cars race to the finish and return times are almost identical to the Challenger finishing in 9.48 seconds with a top speed of 139.88 mph and the Mustang arriving in 9.49 seconds with a top speed from 135.88 mph. It’s almost a draw at the end, which is no surprise given the proximity of the two vehicles for the entire 1/4 mile.

Different eras of fast cars

A classic bright purple Plymouth Barracuda takes on a green, last-generation Pontiac Trans Am in a competitive race to the finish. Despite the Pontiac’s faster start, the Trans Am doesn’t win. He barely comes in second with a finish time of 11.06 seconds and a top speed of 121.27 mph compared to Plymouth’s finish time of 10.27 seconds and a top speed of 123.31 mph. The result of this race provoked audible cries of surprise from the spectators.

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This video is a great illustration of the variety of vehicles found on a drag strip and the kind of unexpected wins that can sometimes happen with surprisingly close results. If you enjoy watching the race, hearing the sounds and checking out the variety of vehicles, this is a YouTube clip you definitely don’t want to miss.