Check out some of Chevy’s best muscle cars trying to take down a Nissan GT-R

John Odom Nissan GTR R35 Side view drag strip racer

The Nissan GT-R R35 faced stiff competition, including several Chevrolet Camaros, a C7 Corvette and a 1955 Bel-Air.

Natalie van National No Prep Racing Association YouTube is very excited to bring us another video showcasing some of the big players at the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings drag event at the Tulsa Raceway park in beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma. With these incredibly powerful modified dragstrip racers, it’s a mystery who will take the win.

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The Nissan GTR Drag car with a grudge

The first car we see in the video comes in after 29 seconds of the video. The ever-popular V8-swapped John Odom Racing Nissan GTR is back with a score to settle. Blown up the V8 Nissan GTR takes on Super Dave’s blue Chevy C7 Corvette in the ultimate Grudge Race.

After a quick preview of the cars’ exteriors, the two arrive at the strip. Super Dave claims the right lane and smokes the tires beautifully. John does a much longer burnout in his GTR and both return to the tree. At 2:23, the two cars fly off the line. Although the Corvette takes off faster, it doesn’t take long for the GTR to take the lead and finish with a clear win.

The new import GTR versus the old classic Chevy Bel-air

The next race sees our protagonist GTR against the beautiful red Chuck 55 Chevy Bel-air. The Chevy pulls into the right lane with some serious burnout and returns to the starting line while John Odom is still doing his burnout. Once the two are in line, they patiently wait for the tree to turn green. With the previous win still the fresh John exudes confidence.

The two racers leave at 5:13 AM and the GTR leaves its opponent struggling again. This is a fast Nissan GTR R35.

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Jim Howe’s Orange Chevy Camaro from the late 60s

John Odom’s teammate, and clearly a good friend, Jim Howe races a 1968-69 Chevy Camaro. With a very similar setup to the GTR, we see a blown-up American V8 engine. Even exhausts swept up to the short side. Jim drives into the right lane against a latest generation white Camaro driven by Scott Taylor.

It’s a classic versus modern race. The two complete their burnouts flawlessly and line up. At 10:29 am, the light turns green and the orange Camaro thrusts forward, leaving the younger sibling in his wake. Something is clearly not working with Scott’s Camaro as he finishes seconds after the orange classic Chevy. Jim proves once and for all that the Odom Racing Team is at the top of the drag racing food chain for a reason.