Check out these timeless cars in Top Gun


Top Gun is all about the need for speed, so it makes sense that some cool cars pop up every now and then. Sure, the F14s and the Kawasakis stole the most spotlight in the two-film franchise (so far), but Top Gun’s cars did just as much, if not more, flesh out the characters they drove. Here are the three unsung movie stars of the jet-powered blockbuster series.

Charlie Blackwood’s Porsche 356 Speedster

The 356 may have come to fame as the car James Dean was last seen alive in, but in the pages of automotive history, it’s simply one of the most desirable and fast cars ever built. No wonder it was chosen as the car of choice for Maverick’s amazing love interest, Charlie Blackwood, who appeared in the first Top Gun movie.

Charlie’s screen time with the 356 is even shorter than poor Gans’s, but the black Porsche convertible is quite present on the road and on-screen as Charlie chases an enraged Maverick astride his Kawasaki GPZ900R. Since the car was originally built in 1956, it is no small feat to keep up with the fastest production motorcycle of the time.

However, the car used in the film turned out to be a replica of Canadian builder Intermecciana. Add some handy sound editing and a dash of movie magic, and the 356 is ready to satisfy your need for speed, just like the Tomcats in the movie.

Penny Benjamin’s 1973 Porsche 911 S

For the latest installment in the franchise, the filmmakers went for an authentic, air-cooled 911 S as the car driven by Maverick’s new and surprisingly age-appropriate love interest Penny Benjamin. When she’s not doing basic bartender stuff, like cleaning glasses and countertops, or getting Mav to pick up the bar on his modest salary, Benjamin drives around in her ultra-cool 911. The air-cooled versions are still considered the OG 911s with a modest, rear-mounted 2.4-litre six-cylinder leaded engine.