Citroen reveals best beaches for electric car drivers

Citroen reveals best beaches for electric car drivers

With beaches usually found in the most remote locations, it can be challenging for electric car drivers.

With EV charging infrastructure improving, there are now plenty of beaches across the UK that are ideal for those with electric cars, with Lemon now compiles the top 10 locations for people who want to connect their car.

The French manufacturer looked at how many major cities were reachable within the Citroën’s (claimed) 219 mile range e-C4before looking at the total number of public charging points within two miles of the top-rated beaches on TripAdvisor.

In first place were the Roker and Seaburn beaches in Tyne and Wear, which were accessible from eight major cities within the claimed range, while 13 chargers could be found nearby.

In second place was Brighton Beach, conveniently located 53 miles from London, and with an impressive 123 public chargers within two miles. In third place was Bournemouth Beach, which is accessible from six major cities within range of the e-C4, while also having 11 nearby chargers, including five of the more convenient fast-charging stations that can charge the car’s batteries faster.

Eurig Druce, Managing Director of Citroen UK, said: “Summer holidays to the beaches are now underway, and our research shows that some of England’s best coastal locations can be easily reached on a single charge with electric cars such as Citroen e-cars. C4.

“Our research also shows how many of the country’s best beaches are close to public charging stations, making the journey in an electric vehicle even easier.”

Citroën is rapidly expanding its range of plug-in models with hybrid versions of the C5 Aircross and C5X already on the market. In terms of pure EVs there is the e-C4, e-Berlingo and e-SpaceTourer MPVs.