Costco sells a 2-person rooftop tent that fits on top of your car

Costco sells a 2-person rooftop tent that fits on top of your car

Go big, or go… well, camp just about anywhere.

July 5, 2022Updated: July 6, 2022 10:25 AM

Ultimate road trip? Or ultimate camping trip?


Costco has historically been a great place to visit for great discounts on bulk purchases – even compared to Sam’s Club. It’s also great for one-off things you thought you never needed. New to the mix of products you didn’t know you needed: A two-person tent from Silverwing that does not protrude into the ground, but attaches to the top of your car, giving you a movable nest on the roof.

While the tent sells for $2,199.99, it evens out if you’re the kind of person who goes away for the weekend and wants the flexibility to sleep anywhere, anytime without worrying about camping or wet ground. The tent is also roomy enough for two: its interior dimensions are 82 by 48 by 39 inches, meaning you and your partner won’t all be cramped.

To get to your nest, there is an 8.5-foot ladder that can be wrapped and stowed in the tent when you go to sleep. A mattress is also included with a removable cover for when you’re on a long journey, and the pockets keep essentials like flashlights and phones close at hand. You don’t have to spend rainy nights in the car either: this tent comes with a rainfly (canopy included) so you can jump into the tent and minimize the impact of the rain.

The device comes pre-assembled, so you don’t need to assemble or fit anything before you travel. Instead, it’s up and running in literally 1 minute thanks to its simple design. When you’re ready to go, the tnet folds down into a roof rack that’s low-slung and aerodynamic – and it also holds sleeping gear and more personal items, leaving more room in the car. The entire removal process only takes 3 minutes, so you can be on your way to your next destination.

If you need to take a week-long road trip, or just plan on getting out and about on weekend trips, this car tent is a solid option for those looking to stay off the ground for creepy or temperature-related reasons. All you need is a Costco membership, a car, and the imagination of where to camp next. Oh yeah… and the money too.