Created by Top R&D Team, EXEED will inject new vitality into the Brazilian car market

Created by Top R&D Team, EXEED will inject new vitality into the Brazilian car market

SIO PAULO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Guided by the “BORN FOR MORE” brand concept, with the spirit of constant exploration and the courage to transcend itself, EXEED aims to become a rising star in the high-end automotive market.

Heir to European automotive culture and rich experience of the European automotive industry spanning over a century, EXEED has the strength and confidence to compete with traditional high-end automotive brands. As a global brand, EXEED has an international R&D team and has established five R&D centers around the world, including a European R&D center. In addition, it has gathered hundreds of senior designers and engineers from famous car companies such as BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and Ford, proving its talent intensity and product R&D strength that cannot be underestimated.

In terms of technical R&D, EXEED has invested a huge amount in building four top R&D laboratories, namely Meisterbock & Cubing Precise Sensory Engineering Laboratory, NVH Engineering Laboratory (Quietness and Noise Reduction), K&C Chassis Handling and Stability Engineering Laboratory and Crush Safety lab . With the iteration of technology, EXEED has begun building the next generation of advanced labs – AtlantiX Laboratory, which spans four major engineering areas including Mars Architecture, ET-I Power, CHERY LION, and Galaxy Ecosystem. In the future, EXEED plans to build 300 AtlantiX laboratories around the world with an investment of more than $14 billion, enabling the products to fully meet the needs of global consumers using technology.

At the same time, EXEED has a strict selection system for its suppliers of parts and components. With the full support of the Fortune 500 companies and leading institutions in the industry, including INTEL, BOSCH, Magna, Benteler, the comprehensive quality of the EXEED models is guaranteed at the highest level.

In addition, EXEED not only has strong R&D strength and a base of top suppliers, but also adheres to the advanced industry standard to create a manufacturing factory with significant competitive advantages and features of high efficiency, automation, transparency and digitalization, so that EXEED can achieve high-quality production processes through a fully improved production scale, production technology and management process.

For Brazilian consumers, EXEED, full of sense of discovery and excellent product-encompassing power, will bring new vitality to the local auto industry after entering the Brazilian market, enabling them to bring an unprecedented new travel experience.