Dallas neighborhood demands change after a string of cars crash into homes

Dallas neighborhood demands change after a string of cars crash into homes

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A group of Dallas neighbors demand change after a series of vehicles break into their property. They say speeding on Harvest Hill Road—near the Dallas Tollway and Midway—is so common that they don’t even feel safe in their homes.

One February afternoon, Susan Martinez heard a thump coming from the front of her house.

“Then there was an explosion,” she said. “I got up and ran inside to see what was going on. The truck with the man in it was in our sitting room.’

She said her elderly mother was in that room 15 minutes earlier. Almost six months later, the repairs are still not finished.

“We should hopefully have windows this week,” she said.

Almost every neighbor has a similar story. At least 11 cars have hit homes or parked cars in the past 10 years. The speed limit is 30, but neighbors say this is rarely followed.

“We need help to stop these people speeding down our street,” said neighbor James Humpert.

His surveillance cameras captured the most recent hit-and-run. Early Saturday morning, a driver walked down Harvest Hill Road and bumped into Humpert’s brother’s parked jeep. He is concerned about the children in the neighbourhood.

“People don’t let them out of their front yards because of the traffic,” he said.

The neighbors have signed a petition and appealed to the city. Councilor Gay Donnell Willis said a reconstruction project in the area is being completed, and the Transportation Department will then evaluate and investigate options such as speed cushions or additional signage.

“They’re not just taking a cookie-cutter approach, they’re going to assess exactly what the traffic is, what the current behavior is that needs to be adjusted, so they can come up with the best solution for Harvest Hill,” she said.

She also said she has asked DPD to pay attention to the area in the meantime. Neighbors said it’s a matter of life or death.

“Somebody’s going to be killed. At the rate that it’s going, someone’s going to be killed,” Martinez said.