Dana Brooke says she’s ‘doing good’ after ‘a serious car accident’

Dana Brooke says she's 'doing good' after 'a serious car accident'

Dana Brooke has kept the WWE 24/7 Championship on and off for the past six months. That made her a regular on Monday nights, but Brooke wasn’t up Raw last night (June 27). And unlike another red brand, what happened to Dana doesn’t sound “small.” Thankfully the champ says she’s okay, but it sounds like it could have been a lot worse.

Earlier today, she tweeted that she was recently in “a serious car accident” but is “going well” and hopes to be back soon.

Not many details but the accident must have happened some time after last Monday as Brooke was working on June 20th main event recording in Lincoln, Nebraska, losing and regaining the green-and-gold belt on the show.

I hope Brooke and everyone involved in the wreck is doing well and that Dana gets some crap on our screens again soon with R-Truth, Tamina, Reggie, Akira Tozawa and the gang.