Dennis Collins explores a classic muscle car collection

Dennis Collins' video looks at this hidden classic car collection

Dennis Collins Explores an incredible mix of some of America’s best in this awesome collection of classic muscle cars.

In a new YouTube video, Dennis Collins skips his usual car rescue adventure to take a unique private tour classic car collection. Collins keeps a close eye on the site, but noted Michigan car enthusiast Larry Weymouth owns the assembly. So it’s a safe bet that these treasures are somewhere in the Great Lakes state.

Viewers are treated to a unique mix of classics from General Motors and American Motors. A few Fords also keep Blue Oval fans happy. Interestingly, Weymouth’s cars don’t just stay on display. He just drives and races what he owns.

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2020 Chevrolet COPO Camaro (6:08)

While COPO Camaros are rare at first, the 2020 Weymouth example is extremely unique. It is the only one painted by the COPO Build Center in Rallye Green. Thanks to his Chevrolet connections, Weymouth was able to get a dream car in his dream color.

“It’s a really great color on the car,” he says. “It’s very cool, it’s an honor to have GM say yes to that. It just kind of fits,” Weymouth told in a 2020 article. An additional “350 Supercharged” graphics pack reminds bystanders what’s under the hood.

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C3 Corvette (7:26)

Among the numerous Corvettes in the collection are a few C3 specimens. An immaculate blue Vette with an LS6 and automatic transmission has its original paint, according to Weymouth. Another C3, but in gold, catches Collin’s attention thanks to its L88 hood – underneath is a big-block 427 V8.

1969 Trans Am Convertible Clone (11:28)

Classic car experts may notice what appears to be a sacred Pontiac, a 1969 Pontiac Trans Am convertible. But Weymouth is candid that the car is a clone of the eight built for that model year. Otherwise, this would be a seven-figure car.

1969 AMC AMX Super Stock (18:10)

One of the most important vehicles in Weymouth’s possession is a 1969 AMX Super Stock; it is one of fewer than 30 that still survive. AMC built 52 examples, all equipped with a 390 cubic inch V8. a 2016 Motorcycle trend article explores the car in detail.

Towards the end of the video, another 1969 AMC AMX (25:20) appears. It is an immaculate example painted in a rare Mint Black colour. Recent dyno testing reveals that the 390 V8 makes 490 horsepower and 505 lb-ft of torque.

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