Differences between Amtrak Business, First Class, Roomette, Bedroom

Differences between Amtrak Business, First Class, Roomette, Bedroom

At $1,000 for a 30-hour ride, a bedroom is comparable to a room, but is more than double the size — and price.

The author’s bedroom.

Joey Hadden/Insider

According to the Amtrak . websitebedrooms are about 45.5 square feet, which is slightly larger than a standard king bed for reference, Insider reported, and they can also sleep up to two adults.

Compared to the roomette, my 30-hour drive in the Amtrak bedroom was double the price for twice the space, a couch, an extra chair, a shower, and a separate private bathroom.

The sofa turns into a bed and like the roomette, another bed pulls down from the ceiling.

The bedroom offered complete privacy and used clever storage hacks that reminded me of a small house, like a table pulled out between the chairs. It also came with free meals.

I liked having a big couch where I could stretch out and put my feet up, while the roommate only had two single chairs.

Having space to lounge in the bedroom made me feel more relaxed during my trip, and I appreciated that the toilet was separated from the rest of the room by a door, unlike the roomette.

I also thought the bedroom had a wider vanity with three mirrors facing each other, making it easier to wash my face in the morning.

But with such a hefty price tag for the same number of occupants as a roomette, it offers no better value than the roomette in my opinion.

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