Domestic Production Best Fuel Efficient Car Supplier

Domestic Production Best Fuel Efficient Car Supplier

Domestic production is one of the best options of the three being considered by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade for providing fuel-efficient cars, according to a faculty member at Iran University of Science and Technology.
“The three options were domestic design production, foreign design production and import,” Javad Marzban-Rad also told Khabar Khodro.
Economy cars have basic technology and simpler parts compared to luxury and high-tech cars, and are in high demand mainly because of their low price.
“Economy cars cost less than 3.5 billion rials [$11,006] that a majority can afford. The more features, engine power and technology the car has, the higher the price will be, putting it also out of the fuel-efficient car category,” said the faculty member.
Marzban-Rad, who is also a car expert, noted that given their low technology, simple parts, high production volume, low price and rising demand, cheap cars can be easily supplied by domestic car manufacturers.


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