Drivers will regret choosing hybrids over electric cars – ‘Much better financial decision’

Drivers will regret choosing hybrids over electric cars - 'Much better financial decision'

Electric car sales have exploded in recent years. In March alone, British drivers bought more electric vehicles than in all of 2019. However, many drivers will still have doubts about making the switch to electric instead of opting for a hybrid.

British drivers registered nearly 40,000 new electric vehicles in March.

But hybrid electric vehicles also grew by almost 30 percent to about 28,000 cars, although registrations for plug-in hybrids fell by about eight percent.

And now, Quentin Willson, the founder of… FairCharge and a former TopGear host, has urged drivers to ditch hybrids and switch to an EV.

He told exclusively: “Hybrid cars are not as good as electric cars.

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“You still have to maintain a hybrid. It is an intermediate house.

“Sales of hybrids are declining. You miss it and three years later you kick yourself.”

Mr Willson also pointed out that hybrid cars only came out because companies thought people would not trust batteries because of fear of range.

“But range anxiety has almost disappeared,” said the expert.

He continued: “Most of these cars have a minimum range of 200 miles, a lot of them will do 250 and some will do 300.

“And that is constantly changing.

‘It’s another urban myth that you run out of power.

“That’s not happening. We don’t see those EVs lined up on the hard shoulder.

“There are more cars without petrol than EVs without electricity.

“Don’t be fooled by the nonsense and buy your battery electric car and enjoy zero maintenance and be completely green with zero emissions.”