Driving: seven of the best seven-seater options on the used car market

Driving: seven of the best seven-seater options on the used car market

If you’re looking for space, there’s a surprisingly large number of used cars to choose from. Jack Evans takes a look.

For a while, the seven-seater was shaped like a conventional MPV. Today, however, the versatility of seven seats can be found across a variety of vehicle segments, meaning there’s more choice than ever.

But which one should you choose? Well, we’ve taken a look at some of the best options to find out which ones are worth considering…

1. Dacia Jogger

So since the Jogger hasn’t been on the market that long, there aren’t that many used ones – but its budget-friendly price means it can also be considered a competitor to used models. Dacia’s Jogger is one of the newest seven-seaters on the market and also one of the most wallet-friendly options, with prices starting at just over £16,600. But don’t think it’s technologyless; all versions come with smartphone compatibility and air conditioning.

However, the real bonus here is the flexibility of the Jogger. Those rear seats can be removed, while all of the seats can be folded flat to create an almost van-like cargo area.

2. Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is often seen as the option for premium seven-seater. Tall and with a real focus on build quality, there’s a reason the Q7 has proved so popular. Today, it’s just as well-rounded, with a practical yet high-quality interior that ensures both driver and passengers can travel in comfort. It is also available with a variety of engines, giving the opportunity for greater efficiency or better performance.

3. Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

The Tiguan is one of Volkswagen’s most popular models, so it’s no wonder it chose to capitalize on that popularity with the introduction of the seven-seat Allspace. From the outside it is initially difficult to see what has changed from the regular model, until you notice the slightly extended length.

Other than that, it’s all standard Tiguan, that is, very good. With a high standard equipment, the Allspace will undoubtedly appeal to families.

4. Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda’s Kodiaq has been with us for a while, but even after many years on the road, it’s still seen as a great option for those who want a premium-feeling SUV for a less-than-premium price tag. It also looks good, with recent updates bringing a more prominent front-end design over the outgoing car.

Like others here, it also has a good variety of engines, as well as a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine in the top-of-the-line VRS model – although older VRS models used a diesel engine instead.

5. Ford S Max

The S-Max has a more MPV-esque body style than the high-riding options on this list, but that means it can deliver a more car-like driving experience than many of its seven-seat rivals. It has also recently received a hybrid powertrain, which combines a 2.5-litre petrol engine with an electric battery and motors for greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

6. Peugeot 5008

If you’re looking for something quirky, the Peugeot 5008 will certainly please. It has the French company’s signature style, but also has the seven-seat versatility that so many people are looking for. It definitely has the eye-catching looks that people are looking for, but the interior is also well finished and practical too.

7. Volvo XC90

The XC90 has become a mainstay of the seven-seater segment, with Volvo’s largest SUV proving time and again why it is so popular. It all comes down to the fit and finish, which is remarkably solid, and the refined nature of the XC90, which ensures hassle-free longer rides. It’s also packed with safety technology and a clear and easy-to-use central infotainment system.