East Kilbride crowned ‘best place to own an electric car’ in Scotland and 10th in the UK

East Kilbride crowned 'best place to own an electric car' in Scotland and 10th in the UK

A town in South Lanarkshire has been named the best place to own an electric car in Scotland, a new study finds.

East Kilbride’s 148 public electric chargers and 855 privately registered Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) also make it the tenth best in the entire UK.

Scotland was found to have the highest car use in the entire UK, with the number of electric cars on the road increasing by 132%.

The study, commissioned by car maker MINI, aimed to identify where in the UK the best infrastructure is to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs).

ULEV ownership in East Kilbride is also expected to grow 33% by 2022 to 1,176 privately registered vehicles, based on historic growth.

MINI also commissioned a survey of 1,152 young drivers to see if the environmentally conscious generation is driving demand for electric vehicles. Nearly half (47%) of those surveyed from Scotland said their next car purchase would be electric if there were no barriers to buying.

Meanwhile, 49% said they would be confident in owning and maintaining an electric car, but overall, only 3% of 18 to 30-year-olds in the UK currently own an electric car.

It also showed that the biggest barriers to ownership are cost and reach.

More than half of respondents (57%) said they are concerned about the cost of charging electric cars, and concerns remain about the mileage they currently deliver (52%).

Two in five (43%) said they were concerned about the availability of public charging stations and that EVs are simply too expensive to buy (41%).

The availability of charge points in the UK will increase by an estimated 24% from 25,927 in 2021 to 32,122 in 2022.

Federico Izzo, Director of MINI UK & Ireland, said: “It is encouraging to see that the overall findings of the Electric Progress Report are positive and show that the UK is taking nationwide steps to support electric mobility and a greener future.

“MINI is committed to a more sustainable future and will be the first BMW Group brand to become fully electric by the early 2030s.”