Eight best products for de-icing cars fast – here’s the full list of options

Eight best products for de-icing cars fast - here's the full list of options

BRITAIN is currently in the throes of a cold snap, meaning many motorists are starting the day with ice off their cars.

But there are many myths about defrosting which can damage your vehicle and ultimately cost thousands of dollars to repair.


The hand of a man scraping the windshield of a car on a frosty dayCredit: Getty

There have been all sorts of weird and wonderful claims made over the past few weeks, from use oranges to spray a mixture of vinegar and water.

A safer bet, however, are the options on the market if homemade remedies and hacks just aren’t up to the job.

But which one is best?

Here are the top eight products to quickly defrost your engine.

1) Heavy duty car window cover

This four-layer robust windshield cover is designed to effectively prevent ice and frost from forming.

Make sure the cover is attached to your car by tucking the sides into the doors, silver side up.

The £11.89 item (Amazon) can also be used in the summer to keep your car from overheating.

2) Kärcher Edi4 electric windscreen defroster

This handy defroster removes stubborn ice from car windows in one go and costs £56.94 on Amazon.

Simply place the ice scraper on the car window and the disc on the unit will spin as you apply light pressure and defrosting takes just three minutes.

3) Halfords Bluecol ice scraper

The new Bluecol premium ice scraper is large, robust and perfect for scraping thick ice and snow from your car windows without damage.

This ice scraper has a padded handle that gives you maximum comfort during use and costs just £2 at Halfords.

4) CarPlan Blue Star Winter De Icer Spray 500ml x 2

The CarPlan defrost spray helps to remove heavy deposits of snow, frost and ice.

Costing just £8.49 on Amazon, you need to spray from the top of the windshield and work your way down.

5) Streetwise automatic car heater/defroster with LED light

This in-car car heater efficiently heats your car from the inside.

It costs just £22 at Argos and will do a great job of warming up the windscreen and helping to reduce condensation and frost.

6) Carplan Pre-Icer Spray

CarPlan Pre-Icer is designed to prevent ice and frost from adhering to car windows and other glass surfaces.

It provides a temporary coating that absorbs moisture, preventing it from adhering to the glass and costs just £25.50 on Amazon.

7) Snow brush and ice scraper

If you want to do it the old fashioned way, the 2-in-1 ice scraper and snow brush will help you clear pesky ice quickly.

All you need is some elbow grease and your car will be sorted with this handy device for £12.99.

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8) Frost protector for the windscreen

The Tevlaphee windshield cover – which costs just over £27 – protects your vehicle from the elements at night.

All you have to do is close the two side flaps in the car and hang both elastic bands on the door mirrors.

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