Elon Musk on his long-awaited vehicle


Tesla’s highly anticipated vehicle – the Cybertruck – will be the company’s best product ever produced, CEO Elon Musk said. The electric vehicle became a sensation among Tesla fans shortly after it was released to the public at a 2019 event. While the vehicle has never been produced since its unveiling, Elon Musk stated at the Cyber ​​Rodeo event in April that Cybertruck will go into production. this year.

As for the quality of the Cybertruck, Musk is confident that it will be the best product of a wave of many new ones soon to be launched by Tesla. The tech mogul made this statement in response to Twitter user Pranay Pathole, who posted a video featuring the Cybertruck that he says is “something straight out of Blade Runner.”

When will the Cybertruck go on sale?

So far, Tesla has only used the Cybertruck with its prototypes, but Musk confirmed at the Cyber ​​Rodeo event at Tesla’s new Giga factory that the vehicle will go on sale next year. He even promised that the current year will be dominated by production and Tesla is aiming for a “scale that no company has ever achieved in the history of mankind”. It’s worth noting, though, that Musk is known for setting bold goals, but often exceeding deadlines. For example, the Cybertruck itself would go into production in 2021 at a starting price of $39,900 (Rs30,72,000).

More about Cybertruck

Tesla claims that the Cybertruck is a vehicle that is more usable than a truck and has better performance than a sports car. According to the company, Cybertruck has a towing capacity of more than 6,350 kilograms and can easily perform in any extreme situation. The vehicle also has a shell made of ultra-hard 30x rolled stainless steel, which makes it resistant to dents and corrosion. In addition, Cybertruck has 1,587 kilograms of payload and comes with a 17-inch touchscreen display and a custom user interface.

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