F1 22 Bahrain Car Setup

F1 22 Bahrain Car Setup

Since the career mode of the F1 22 game following the real Formula 1 World Championship calendar, you race at the Gulf Air Circuit in Bahrain. That’s why you first have the best F1 22 Bahrain car setup for the first-ever race of the season.

Bahrain is the first circuit on the Formula 1 calendar. In Bahrain, as every year, the race is held under spotlights at night. The length of the Gulf Air circuit is 5.42 kilometers and the circuit has three DRS zones and 15 turns. In addition, the circuit offers many overtaking opportunities. As an F1 driver you will have to deal with wind, race under floodlights, and you will try to adapt to large temperature fluctuations between sessions. You also need to be careful with the lock-up at Turn 10 and the long corner at Turn 12. Finally, the Bahrain GP winner is revealed at the end of a 57-lap race.

As you can see, the Gulf Air Circuit can make the Bahrain GP a challenge. It’s so easy and common to get off the track in Turn 10 if you don’t have a suitable car setup for this track. Below is Bahrain’s general car setup for dry and wet conditions.

F1 22 Bahrain Car SetupF1 22 Bahrain Car Setup

Gulf Air Circuit Bahrain GP

F1 22 Bahrain Car Setup For Dry

Here is the best car setup to use in dry weather conditions during the Bahrain GP.

  • Aerodynamics
    • Aero front wing: 18
    • Rear Wing Aero: 28
  • Transfer
    • Differential adjustment on throttle: 85%
    • Differential throttle adjustment: 55%
  • suspension geometry
    • Camber for: -2.7
    • Rear Camber: -1.5
    • Front toe: 0.05
    • Back toe: 0.2
  • delay
    • Front suspension: 9
    • Rear suspension: 3
    • Anti roll bar front: 9
    • Rear stabilizer bar: 2
    • Headroom Height: 3″
    • Rear ride height: 4″
  • Brakes
    • Brake pressure: 100%
    • Brake bias: 50%
  • Ties
    • Front right tire pressure: 23.3
    • Front left tire pressure: 23.3
    • Tire pressure rear right: 21.5
    • Tire pressure rear left: 21.5

F1 22 Bahrain car setup for nat

While rain is not the thing you can see at the Gulf Air Bahrain International Circuit, it is always good to be prepared for the wet conditions. Here is the F1 22 Bahrain wet car setup:

  • Aerodynamics
    • Aero front wing: 20
    • Rear Wing Aero: 24
  • Transfer
    • Differential adjustment on throttle: 95%
    • Differential throttle adjustment: 60%
  • suspension geometry
    • Camber for: -2.5
    • Camber rear: -1
    • Front toe: 0.05
    • Back toe: 0.26
  • delay
    • Front suspension: 5
    • Rear suspension: 1
    • Anti roll bar front: 5
    • Rear stabilizer bar: 1
    • Headroom Height: 4″
    • Rear ride height: 5″
  • Brakes
    • Brake pressure: 94%
    • Brake bias: 50%
  • Ties
    • Front right tire pressure: 23.5
    • Front left tire pressure: 23.5
    • Tire pressure rear right: 22.7
    • Tire pressure rear left: 22.7

These are the best car setup for Bahrain GP in F1 22. By using these car setups you can drive the car and compete with others in multiplayer and career mode. However, remember that these car settings can be adjusted to suit your game style and the F1 car you drive. You can also view car setups for other tracks in F1 22 game here. If you haven’t gotten the game yet, you can buy it at Steam and Origin for PCs, on PS Store for PS4 and PS5, and beyond Xbox store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.