Ferrari chooses V12 engine for new Purosangue SUV

Ferrari chooses V12 engine for new Purosangue SUV

MILAN — Ferrari’s first SUV, the Purosangue, is powered by the brand’s powerful 12-cylinder engine when it launches in the coming monthssaid CEO Benedetto Vigna.

“We tested several options, it was clear that for the performance and driving experience it could offer, the V12 was the right option for the market,” Vigna said on Wednesday.

He spoke after the company presented its first quarter results who showed a 12 percent increase in its core revenues, as demand for its sports cars remained strong despite global political turmoil.

“The Purosangue is the son of our tradition,” Vigna said.

Choosing to power the Purosangue with its most powerful engine marks a rift by Ferrari’s recent strategy focused on less polluting V8 and V6 hybrid models, as in the case of the recently unveiled 296 GTS.

Vigna, a veteran of the tech industry, took charge of Ferrari last September, with the task of ushering a brand synonymous with roaring combustion engines into the new era of quieter and cleaner electric mobility. He will present his first comprehensive business plan for the company on June 16

The company has already presented four hybrid models and promised a fully electric car by 2025.