Ferrari plans route to electric cars

Ferrari plans route to electric cars

Vigna, a tech veteran with 26 years of experience in the semiconductor industry who joined Ferrari last September, is tasked with blending innovation with tradition.

“We can expect a clear focus on technology transition, qualifying the main burning question, which is how the company will develop in this new environment, not just in terms of product portfolio,” said Marco Santino, an automotive practice partner at management consultants Oliver Wyman.

Ferrari has already presented four hybrid models and promised its first fully electric car in 2025.

It has said strategic partnerships will be key to accessing new technologies while keeping capital expenditure in check.

The company is expected to unveil the relevant areas for new partnerships, which could develop along the lines of an existing partnership with UK-based Yasa, now part of Mercedes-Benz, which provides electric drive technologies for Ferrari’s hybrid models.

The CEO said earlier this year that Ferrari would rely on partners to develop bio- and synthetic fuels, which could be an additional green option alongside all-electric technology.