Fireworks shot from cars in downtown Minneapolis

Fireworks shot from cars in downtown Minneapolis

Fireworks were set off from cars late Monday night in downtown Minneapolis, endangering drivers and pedestrians in the area.

A viewer tells 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that it felt like he was “in a movie”.

A video shows fireworks being thrown from vehicles, aimed at buildings and other vehicles, near Whitney Lofts off Portland Avenue near the Stone Arch Bridge.

“They were being thrown out of cars, people were holding Roman candle flames, but not your normal Roman candle flames. It was the big ones firing multiple rounds,” said Nicky Vegas. “I heard this noise and I thought ‘they don’t have fireworks at the river today.’ It was a whole different world. Like, I wasn’t what I expected and as I got closer and closer to the fireworks I got braver and braver, but I was still nervous.”

Vegas says he believes the police in the area have handled the situation as best they can.

He witnessed the scene as he drove home from another fireworks show, and was initially confused because he thought Minneapolis had canceled the show this year. Vegas says that as he got closer to the scene, a spark flew toward him and burned his leg.

No word on whether anyone was injured in the incident.

See screenshots of videos Vegas provided below.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has contacted police for comment on the incident, but has not heard back from this publication. Come back for updates.