Ford is behind schedule in delivering Mavericks

A pair of Ford Mavericks sit parked in front of a city skyline. On the right is an orange truck facing away from us so we see its left side. On the left is a powder-blue truck, positioned so that we see its right side.
A pair of Ford Mavericks are parked in front of a city skyline.  To the right is an orange truck pointing away from us, so we see the left side.  To the left is a powder blue truck, positioned so that we can see the right side.The Ford Maverick is arguably the most compelling new vehicle available this year. It won our award for best new model for its wonderful combination of low price, great usability and fuel-guzzling hybrid powertrain as standard.

But the sales success, combined with the supply chain challenges that have made 2022 such a mess for so many industries, means some buyers may be waiting longer than planned for their new trucklet.

Buyers are waiting for orders

Ford sold the 2022 Maverick in January. Most buyers pre-ordered the truck and were told to expect delivery later in the year.

Now a letter Ford has sent to some order holders warns that this may not happen.

“Strong demand and global supply chain constraints continue to delay the planned production date and delivery of your Maverick,” the warning says. “We have now reached a point where it is very likely that we will not be able to produce your Maverick order within these constraints.”

Ford has confirmed the letter’s authenticity.

Buyers Asked to Simplify Order or Wait for Model 2023

The letter tells buyers they’ll be more likely to get their truck in 2022 if they remove some options from their order “that prevent it from going into production.”

Otherwise, it says, they can expect a 2023 Maverick instead. But they may not get it for the price of 2022.

The letter states that buyers will receive a “special private offer discount” on the 2023 model. But it doesn’t explain what that means. Ford has not disclosed pricing for the Maverick 2023.

Ford concludes: “We are grateful for your loyalty amid this ‘get ready…you know it’s coming…'”unforeseen global circumstances.”

Impatient buyers may want to note that there is another compact pickup on the market. The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz lacks the Maverick’s available hybrid powertrain and has a higher starting price. But it may be available for delivery earlier.