Fred Beans Automotive Group honored for corporate culture

Fred Beans Automotive Group honored for corporate culture

BOYERTOWN — The Fred Beans Automotive Group recently earned two separate awards for its workplace culture.

For the fourth consecutive year, the company was named one of the best workplaces in the Greater Philadelphia area by the Philadelphia Business Journal and was named one of the healthiest employers in the region for the second consecutive year.

At an event on July 28, the company learned that it was ranked No. 1 in the “extra-large” organizations category for the second consecutive year — those with 500 or more employees. While the companies that made the Best Places to Work knew they had made it to the global list, it wasn’t until the July 28 event that the companies learned their official position on the list. Fred Beans is one of only six extra-large organizations on the 2022 list.

For the second year in a row, Fred Beans Automotive Group has been ranked #1 in the Greater Philadelphia region’s Best Places to Work in the Extra Large Organization category. This photo shows Beth Beans Gilbert, vice president of Fred Beans Automotive Group at an event on July 28 that announced the rankings. (PHOTO COURTESY OF FRED BEANS AUTOMOTIVE GROUP)

The Fred Beans Automotive Group has made the list with every nomination, according to a press release.

“Such recognitions confirm our commitment to the professional and personal success of every employee,” Beth Beans Gilbert, vice president of Fred Beans Automotive Group, said in a statement.

The Best Places to Work list is compiled annually by the “Philadelphia Business Journal” in conjunction with Quantum Workplace, an employee engagement software provider. Winners are determined solely by employee feedback collected through an independent survey, which includes questions on topics such as: work environment, support for personal growth, benefits and confidence in senior leadership.

Among the healthiest employers by 2022, the Fred Beans Automotive Group ranks second in the “large” category, which includes companies with 1,500-4,999 employees.

“We strive to promote from the inside out and support our Fred Beans team members to learn and grow with us,” said Beans Gilbert. “But what may not be typical of an automotive group like ours is that we also strive to help employees become the very best version of themselves through our comprehensive Healthy Living program.” She added that the company offers employees individual fitness and nutrition advice, online resources for mental and physical health, company-wide fitness challenges and more.

This Healthiest Employers List was developed by the Philadelphia Business Journal in conjunction with the Healthiest Employers program. Corporate wellness programs are selected based on culture and leadership, programming and interventions, reporting, and more.

Several years ago, the Fred Beans Automotive Group made a “meaningful investment” in the health and well-being of its employees when it hired Andrea Volm to serve as the well-being coordinator, according to the release. Since then, Volm has expanded the company’s Healthy Living program to include offerings that employees can take advantage of “on their own time and at their own pace.”

“Employee participation is significant, and year after year, we celebrate our team members achieving their weight loss and fitness goals and improving other aspects of their physical and mental health,” Volm said in a statement. “Each success story inspires the next and creates a unique culture here, where employees are encouraged to take care of themselves.”

The Fred Beans Automotive Group is family owned and operated and employs nearly 1,750 employees, the majority of them in southeastern Pennsylvania, where the automotive group has the highest concentration of dealerships. For information about vacancies at Fred Beans Automotive Group visit