George Russell ranks his $150,000 Mercedes AMG GT-R as his favorite car ever

George Russell ranks his $150,000 Mercedes AMG GT-R as his favourite car ever

Mercedes F1 driver George Russell states that he is a car enthusiast. He says the $150,000 Mercedes AMG GT-R coupe is his favorite car.

George Russell has adapted well to the fast-paced world of Formula 1. The Briton joined the F1 grid with Williams in 2019. Despite struggling with a slow car, he managed to squeeze every bit of performance out of it when it counted.

George managed to get the best results in the weekend’s qualifying sessions. He earned himself the nickname ‘Mr. Saturday.’ And when the opportunity to race for Mercedes came, George grabbed it with both hands.

He replaced the outgoing Valtteri Bottas ahead of the 2022 season. And he teamed up with 7-time world champion drivers Lewis Hamilton. And the 24-year-old managed to challenge Lewis right on arrival.

George has managed to get a top-5 finish in 10 out of 11 races so far. He has 3 podiums to his name and is 5th in the drivers’ championship.

Outside of racing, George lives a quiet and peaceful life with her family in England. But the boy from Kings Lynn likes to drive fast cars. “I would say I am a car enthusiast. And I really enjoy the cars I drive,” he said.

And his favorites are built by the same company he races for! Russell added: “As a Mercedes driver I really enjoy driving them.”

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What is George Russell’s favorite car?

George Russell is a Mercedes fan through and through. He likes to drive German cars for sports and leisure.

He said: “Right now I have a GTC. The best car I’ve ever driven is probably a Mercedes too – the GTR I had last year.”

The Mercedes GTR has a V8 engine with 523 hp. And the beast can go from 0-100 KPH in 3.7 seconds. He drove the car on the iconic Nürnbergring circuit last year at speeds of 300 km/h.

And the 24-year-old says his family prefers the Mercs because of his obsession. “Actually, I forced my father to buy one. I turned my whole family into a Mercedes family! And I would love to have a Porsche or a McLaren someday.”

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