Good morning, news: Kansas defends abortion, rats love cars, and can Nick Kristof really return to the New York Times?

Good morning, news: Kansas defends abortion, rats love cars, and can Nick Kristof really return to the New York Times?

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Good morning, Portland! High of 87? THAT’S NOTHING. BRING IT. There are still two weeks to go in the MercurySUMMER OF SLUSHIES when you need an icy booze-filled cocktail (for just $6) to cool it down with. Now let’s break that news open.


• On Monday, Nick Kristof announced he would be returning to his pre-Oregon governmental candidate pastures as a New York Times columnist, but free oneself of his remaining fundraising dollars and local government planning projects seems to be proving inconvenient. many publications, like rolling stone, quickly pointed it out NYTThe strict (inconsistently enforced?) policy that prohibits journalists from engaging in overt political activity. I have seen the questionnaire. It’s huge.

• Campers pack your Subarus, areas of Willamette National Forest that have been closed for the past two years due to fire damage are now reopened to the public. This includes Elk Lake Campground, Humbug Campground, and Fox Creek Group Campground.

• With the Earl Blumenauer Bridge open – connecting NE 7th to the Lloyd District – PBOT is working to smooth the rest of the nearby route, such as the dastardly jog about NE Sandy that has given many good cyclists the fright.


• Yesterday was the first day of polls for Washington, Michigan, Arizona, Kansas and Missouri. Many of the races are still too close to mention, but here are: the New York Times‘ on-going counts And his five takeaways of the night. The highlight of the evening was probably the Kansas voters rejecting restrictions on abortion.

• President Biden will sign an executive order today, in which he will lead the Department of Health and Human Services to investigate whether people who cross state lines for abortion can access Medicaid for their spending. That’s not nearly as effective as an abortion access protection if: Republican senators had allowed the Freedom to Travel for Health Care Act of 2022 passed last month.

• What did Dane Cook? now?

• Honestly, headlines like “Why do so many cars have rats now?are what gets me out of bed in the morning. The story may only be relevant to New Yorkers — who drive more and take less public transit — but Portland is doing have many well-fed rats.

• Here’s your energy for the day:

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