Good Samaritan pushes stranded cars off flooded road

Good Samaritan pushes stranded cars off flooded road

RICHMOND, Va. – High water covering a busy Southside road on Thursday left several drivers trapped in their cars, but a community member stepped in to help.

CBS 6 captured video around 4 a.m. Thursday of at least one driver trapped in high water on Hull Street Road near the intersection of McGuire Drive.

A Good Samaritan named Country said he saw several cars trying to cross the high water. He helped push a car with two women in from the flooding.

†[The driver] She said she could get through it, but the newer cars have their air filter in the bumper. The water went into her bumper and sucked the water in,” he said. “You see three or four broken down cars on the side of the road and you want to go through the water to see if you can? I recommend not doing that. There is always another way to go. Always.”

A clogged storm drain turned out to be the cause of the flooded road. City crews used a large stick to remove the clog, which quickly drained the water.

“That valley down there is full of garbage. It’s plugged up… it’s a mess,” Country declared.

At least four cars were stranded or broken down as a result of driving through flooded water. No injuries were reported.

Hull Street Road will reopen to morning commuters at 6am on Thursday.

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