Good Samaritan risks his life to save motorcyclist after fiery crash in Riverside

Good Samaritan risks his life to save motorcyclist after fiery crash in Riverside

David Pride watched in horror as a motorcyclist on the 91 Riverside Freeway hit an overturned car that was shrouded in darkness.

“He was there, right in the middle of the floor,” Pride said after the crash. “I barely missed him.”

After crashing into the car, Pride said the motorcyclist flew through the air and landed in the middle of oncoming traffic, while car after car narrowly avoided him. When another car crashed and burst into flames, Pride knew he had to do something to save the injured motorcyclist.

“At that point I’m like, ‘God wants you to live, let me go get you,'” he said. “[God’s] I’ll make sure I’m okay when I go get you.”

Pride risked his own life running up the highway, barely lit by the burning car, to get a total stranger to safety.

“It wasn’t just to pull him off the street and dodge cars [but] the ground was very slippery with oil and gas,” he said. “I just had to do it.”

The seriousness of what Pride did on the 91 Freeway was not wasted on David Le, the man he saved.

“David, I really want to thank you for what you did there,” Le said in a video sent to Pride. “Risk your life by taking me off the road. I really appreciate it.’

Miraculously, Le survived the crash with only a broken wrist thanks to Pride’s efforts.

Pride isn’t concerned about being called a hero, but he said he hopes this story teaches people a lesson about answering a call for help.

“I try to encourage other people to help people when they see car accidents — helping people get out of the way,” he said. “And be careful if you’re in a dark area going up highways.”

Pride also helped the man whose car caught fire, making a tourniquet from stuff he had in the back of his car and placing it on his arm.