Good Samaritan stole car helping driver in high-speed crash in Sunshine Coast

White SUV crashed into tree

A Good Samaritan had his car stolen after he freed a driver from a crashed luxury SUV on the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday morning.

The white Jaguar slammed into a tree along Steve Irwin Way around 9:00 am, pulling other drivers and people to the scene of the accident to help.

The group tried to free the man, but then realized he had fled in one of their cars, believed to be a Mazda CX-5 SUV.

Sunshine Coast photographer Cade Mooney was among those who rushed to help after hearing of the crash.

“We heard a huge bang,” he said.

“We saw a lot of brake lights and then knew it was a car accident so we started making our way to Steve Irwin Way through the bush.

White SUV crashed into tree
The man, who is still on the run, had to be freed from this crashed Jaguar SUV.Included: CADE media

Mooney said the group helped free the male driver as he walked around the SUV to make sure no one else was inside.

“By the time I got through the check, they said ‘sit down, sit down’, but he… [the driver] kept walking away from the car,” he said.

“And when he ran away from the car, he just jumped into one of the Good Samaritan’s cars and drove off.

Mooney said police arrived about five minutes later, along with firefighters and paramedics.

Sergeant Errol Coultis of Beerwah station said the vehicle nearly rolled off the embankment after hitting the tree.

He said the man had to be extricated from the crashed car by onlookers and then fled in a vehicle that one of the witnesses had run.

He said police had received a version of the events from the Good Samaritan at the scene, who was then driven back to Caloundra by another witness.

“The vehicle remains excellent at the moment,” said Sergeant Coultis.