Good Samaritan who pulls man off track surprises with new car

Good Samaritan who pulls man off track surprises with new car

CHICAGO (WLS) – A man is hailed as a hero after he springs into action to save someone who fell off a platform onto a Chicago transit train.

Anthony Perry rescued a man who was nearly unconscious on the electrified rail.

“I was hoping I could just grab it and not feel anything, but I felt a little jolt,” Perry said.

With the help of another commuter, Perry administered CPR, which saved the man’s life.

The man who was shocked by the electrified rail has been taken to hospital and is expected to survive.

Perry’s reaction was priceless when he was rewarded with a car for his heroic actions.

Philanthropist and businessman Early Walker first tricked the 20-year-old by giving him a gift card for gasoline, knowing the young man had no reliable transportation before revealing the real surprise of a vehicle he had bought for him. .

Perry usually travels 90 minutes to work, but it just got easier with the unexpected gift of a 2008 Audi A6.

The car was delivered to him just blocks from where he lives as community members and officers from the Chicago Police Department’s Third District looked on in support.

“This is just a prime example of how a young man took it upon himself to jump in and do the right thing,” said Lieutenant Yolanda Irving.

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