Good Samaritan who rescued man who fell on CTA tracks receives car for his heroism

Good Samaritan who rescued man who fell on CTA tracks receives car for his heroism

Chicago philanthropist Early Walker, founder of the organization “I’m Telling, Don’t Shoot,” surprised the Good Samaritan who saved the life of a man who fell with a car on CTA tracks.

A video went viral earlier this week showing the Good Samaritan, 20-year-old Anthony Perry, saving the life of a man who fell on the CTA train tracks during a fight.

The incident happened around 3:30 p.m. Sunday at the 69th Street Red Line station in the Greater Grand Crossing borough.

A 32-year-old victim was waiting on a train when another man approached and spat on him. Then a fight broke out and both men landed on the tracks, when a CTA train rolled in and stopped just inches from them.

One of the men was able to jump back onto the platform.

However, the other made contact with the electrified third rail and suffered injuries.


Then Perry came to the rescue. He jumped onto the rails and lifted the man off the electrified third rail.

“There was a lady, I think she had medical experience. She told me what to do. I have a feeling that was an angel from God. I ended up doing chest compressions and turning him on his side until the fire department got there. said Perry.

Perry says he suffered minor burns from briefly touching the railing.

The CTA says both the victim and the suspect came into contact with the third rail. The victim suffered burns to his left leg, abrasions to the mouth and was transported to the University of Chicago Hospital in good condition.

The assailant was also injured and is in critical condition.

Anthony was thinking of the victim and not necessarily himself in this quick decision to save the victim’s life. He then took careful instructions to perform CPR and saved the life of a person hopelessly lying on a live track .” said Early Walker.

The CTA released the following statement.

“If CTA personnel see anyone on the track, or are alerted by a customer, CTA personnel immediately inform our control center to cut power to the third rail. Any customer who witnesses a person on the track, must also notify CTA personnel immediately or call 911. They should never attempt to enter the right-of-way, or attempt to remove the person themselves, as they risk electrocution.”