Goodno is good enough in Iowa

Lead Pass Eldon 061622

Riley Goodno (22) passes Brett Tripplett at Eldon Raceway. (TWC photo)

ELDON, Iowa — Riley Goodno broke through for the first time in the Sprint Invaders victory lane by surpassing Thursday night’s top 20 laps at Eldon Raceway’s half-mile dirt oval.

After starting fifth, Goodno slid past early leader Bret Tripplett on a sixth lap restart and led the rest of the way to secure victory aboard the Quality Traffic Control No. 22x J&J Sprint Car.

It wasn’t without some pressure, though, as Tripplett battled back into traffic in the final stages to climb up Goodno’s right rear wheel and have a wild ride into turn three with four laps to go.

“I struggled to get past lapped cars,” Goodno explained. “I could never reach them at the right time and just drive past them.”

Goodno moved into second on the first lap when the previous second runner Kaley Gharst spun to get into turn one and turned and picked up Cam Martin.

Goodno made quick work of Tripplett on the restart and survived traffic long enough before Tripplett tripped over a right rear end to end his night.

Paul Nienhiser was second on the final restart, but Goodno didn’t feel like it as he raced to the win track while Nienhiser settled for second.

“It’s nothing to hang your head over, so we’ll take it,” Nienhiser said.

Cody Wehrle worked his way from 13th to the podium in third with Ryan Jamison and Devin Wignall rounding out the top five.

The end:

Feature (25 laps): 1. 22X-Riley Goodno[5]† 2. 50-Paul Nienhiser[6]† 3. 40C – Cody Wehrle[13]† 4. 51J-Ryan Jamison[4]† 5. 21-Devin Wignall[10]† 6. 35-Jamie Ball[11]† 7. 81-Tanner Gebhardt[12]† 8. 83A-Austin Miller[8]† 9. 11T-Dugan Thye[16]† 10. 4X Chase Richards[7]† 11. 14-Aidan Zoutte[9]† 12. 16-Dustin Clark[15]† 13. 99-Bret Tripplett[1]† 14. 17-Steve Pumphrey[19]† 15. 7-Tyler Lee[17]† 16. 75 Glen Saville[18]† 17. 78-Kaley Gharst[3]† 18. 4-Cameron Martin[2]† 19. 11-Colton Fisher[14]† 20. 24-Terry McCarl[20]