Google has a problem with Android Auto: even the best phones can’t run it without errors

If you’ve spent your money on the mighty Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and use android Car, what you’re about to read, you probably won’t like.

Not a day goes by that we don’t report a bug in Android Auto, a vehicle operating system that doesn’t age at all, despite the fact that the 8.0 update has already arrived, albeit without the expected design update.

Be that as it may, it’s also no secret that Samsung devices don’t handle Android Auto very well, and yet many of the early buyers of the Galaxy S22 were unable to use this operating system well with their new mobile phones until recently. received a special update.

And speaking of the latest terminals launched on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best you can buy with your money, an Android device that, as you can imagine, also does not cope well. with Android Auto.

And on the official google forum, there are many users who complain that their expensive and almost prohibitive Galaxy Z Fold 4 does not connect well to Android Auto, reporting other errors such as sudden crashes, freezing or even lag.

Well, it looks like it’s a widespread issue with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and while the issue has already been reported to Samsung and Google, it’s unknown at this point whether the error comes from the application itself or the mobile device.

Since the Galaxy S22 bug is only resolved after about six months, users may experience some outages with this device on Android Auto for a few months if carriers can’t agree on an early fix. .