Haunted car wash in the Grand Rapids area for good clean fun

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WYOMING, MI — A car wash company in the Grand Rapids area is serving soap and fear this month to raise money for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Speedy Wash car wash, at 2200 28th St. SW in Wyoming, will be holding a haunted car wash from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM on October 21 and 22. The event includes Halloween decorations, ghostly characters, lights and projectors.

“The customers go through a car wash as they normally would, but we have body parts hanging out and our employees dressed as scary, ghostly characters show up unexpectedly,” said Nora Mackie, who owns the car wash with her husband Alex Kanaan.

This is the second year the car wash has hosted the haunted event, and after last year’s surprising success, Mackie hopes to grow it even more.

The Speedy Wash car wash in Wyoming will have props, projectors, ghostly characters and more during the ghostly event later this month. (Photo provided by Nora Mackie)

“Last year it was such a big turnout and we gave $2,000 to Helen DeVos,” she said. “This year we are hiring more people and we have so many more props. Last year we didn’t really expect much, but there were even people who made extra donations as they went along. We want to double (the donation) this year, that would be great.”

Customers can expect a line to get into the car wash, but characters start haunting the line. While the event is meant to be scary, Mackie said it’s still family-friendly.

“We are not mimicking violence, there is no suggested fighting,” she said. “It’s all suitable for the kids, but it’s a good scare.”

Mackie and Kanaan have two kids and they knew they wanted to give back to a kid-centric organization when they planted the first haunted car wash last year. In the coming years, the couple hopes to expand the event to multiple weekends and possibly donate to multiple organizations.

Halloween fun

Characters in costume will jump to the customers of the Speedy Wash car wash. (Photo provided by Nora Mackie)

“You can stay in your car, get a big scare, and every vehicle gets a bag of candy,” Mackie said. “It’s just something fun and lighthearted, while giving back to the community.”

Mackie and Kanaan also own the Speedy Wash at 647 Burton St. SW in Grand Rapids.

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