Here are the best bolt-on mods for your Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ 2022

The Subaru BRZ is one of the best sports cars on the market. It competes with the Mazda Miata, and the Honda Civic Si still manages to differentiate itself from its mechanical twin, the Toyota 86. Whether you’re about to buy one or have had one for a while, you’ve no doubt wondered. what are the best bolt-on mods for your Subaru BRZ.

Staying true to the bolt-on classification, every mod on this list is removable if you decide you don’t like it or want to sell the car. From exhaust systems to brake kits, these are the best bolt-on mods for your Subaru BRZ.

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9 A simple cold air inlet

A simple cold air intake is one of the best bolt-on mods for your Subaru BRZ. A better drop-in filter, such as a filter from K&Nwill improve performance in your BRZ, but to unlock more power, a special cold air intake is required.

The naturally aspirated engine won’t see an incredible boost in horsepower from a cold air intake. Still, combustion will be cleaner, improving overall performance and efficiency. GrimmSpeed, Cobb and SubiSpeed ​​​​sell cold air intakes for the BRZ between $275 and $300.

8 Cat-Back exhaust system

The stock exhaust system on your Subaru BRZ restricts airflow, which in turn hinders performance. Fixing that problem requires a bolt-on mod — a new cat-back exhaust system — to be exact. A cat-back unlocks more power while maintaining EPA regulations regardless of ECU tuning restrictions.

Swapping your stock BRZ exhaust with a cat-back system is incredibly easy, but find a buddy to make it even easier. Cat-back systems range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Still, the average costs about $1200 for a quality setup.

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7 Performance Brake Set for the Subaru BRZ

What good is all that flow if you can’t stop the thing? That’s why a performance brake set is one of the best bolt-on mods for your Subaru BRZ. Replacing the stock pads and rotors with a slot-and-hole carbon-ceramic kit can help your BRZ stop on a dime.

More extensive braking work includes replacing the calipers, lines and fluid, which can get pricey. All in all, expect to spend between $350 and $700 on a quality brake kit, but it’s worth it for improved braking performance.

6 Performance Supercharger Kit for your BRZ

Subaru fans often lament the fact that the 2.4L boxer is naturally aspirated and has no turbo. Skip the turbo and put a performance supercharger kit to unlock true power instead. Several kits claim to gain over 100 horsepower over the stock rating, but quality and tuning are important.

A supercharger is not for the faint of heart. While installation is relatively easy, the cost can be prohibitive, but for those with deep pockets, expect to make $5,000 or more for a quality supercharger.

5 Lower your Subaru BRZ with coilovers

The Subaru BRZ is already a fairly low-riding sports car, but to improve the aerodynamics even further, you want to go really low. Realizing your dream of lowering your BRZ comes courtesy of coilovers. These simple shocks and struts replace stock parts and provide excellent ride height control.

Parts costs are where it gets really tricky. Install one set of coilovers should only take an afternoon, especially if you have some help. But a set of high-quality coilovers can cost upwards of $2000, but there are some budget options around $1400.

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4 Aftermarket Sway Bar

Subaru’s BRZ has impressive handling as it is with the stock sway bar. However, to optimize handling on the track, an aftermarket stabilizer will stabilize the BRZ even further.

Sway bar kits are also quite affordable, making them one of the best bolt-on mods for your Subaru BRZ. The average kit costs between $475 and $550; installation should not take more than a few hours for the front and back.

3 Change the wheels and lug nuts on your BRZ

The great thing about wheels is the ease of swapping them out for another set. It is one of the easiest modifications for your Subaru BRZ. Upgrading to a lighter set of wheels improves performance and resistance, leading to better lap times.

New wheels and lug nuts can save you a few bucks, depending on make, style and weight. Regardless of the cost, the added personality makes it a perfect bolt-on mod for your BRZ.

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Stock heads on the BRZ are adequate for everyday riding, but to get more out of your BRZ you’ll want to upgrade to performance headers† Upgraded headers give BRZ owners better performance, fuel efficiency and engine life.

Upgrading your stock headers in your BRZ also makes the car sound better. It’s the perfect bolt-on mod to pair with a cat-back exhaust system. For a quality upgrade, expect to spend about $1,200.

1 Easy to install oil cooler for your Subaru BRZ

Keeping the oil at the right temperature is essential for getting the best lap times. That makes an oil cooler not only a required modification, but also one of the best screw-on mods for your Subaru BRZ.

Oil coolers for the Subaru BRZ should cost no more than $1,000. The best brands, such as Perrin, average $750-$900 for oil coolers, and installing an oil cooler will only take a few hours, but the return will be worth it!