Here’s how Adam LZ has a good time drifting with these awesome cars

Adam LZ drifting cars on circuit, cars side by side

Between SAMMIT, Adam LZ and Collette Davis, there is plenty of drifting talent and great JDM cars to see in Japan.

When it comes to the many sights and sounds Japan has to offer – whether you’re a casual tourist or a bona fide gearhead – the mountainous Japanese city of Nikko, located in Togichi Prefecture, remains one of the most popular areas to visit.

With the many hot springs, museums and culinary experiences the city has to offer, Nikko offers an endless number of activities to choose from; not to mention the iconic race track – and associated with it sports cars – which are just outside the city limits. The Nikko Circuit, which has hosted some of Japan’s top drift meets since the early 2000s, remains a favorite among locals for its intimate experience and challenging drift lines.

So it’s no wonder why some of YouTube’s favorite bums like Adam LZSAMMIT and Collette Davis return to the circuit for another Japanese excursion around Nikko – this time with their matching JDM JZX100 Toyota Pursuits.

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Adam LZ’s favorite local track: Nikko

After finding their cars neatly parked on the side of the highway – with the keys still inside – these three automotive YouTubers set off for their first day of action at the Nikko Circuit.

Early on, the trio encounter the fleet of pink S-chassis Nissans, Yashio Factory local tuners, and it is soon revealed that they will have the opportunity to slide them across the track. But first, the three need a few warm-up rides to re-acquaint themselves with the different elevation changes this small track offers.

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JDM Racing: Touge runs like a true Japanese local

Adam LZ Touge racing, inside view
Via: YouTube via Adam LZ

Once the group stops for an afternoon lunch break, they finally get a chance to experience the legendary Yashio Factory cars. Known as pioneers of Silvia tuning in Japan, Yashio Factory remains one of the top parts builders and tuners for S chassis JDM cars – so when these three got the chance to jump into the fleet, it was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up.

Adam starts on the North Course the next day and reveals that the trio are about to embark on a day of touge runs around the woods ridden course. But in typical fashion, it wasn’t long before one of the drift missiles imploded on itself – this time at the behest of Adam and one of his tires.

Fortunately, with a little grinding and rigging, Adam manages to fix the wheel and tire and save the afternoon.