Here’s why the 2023 Honda Accord is the most beautiful generation ever


The new Honda Accord broke out of coverage just under two weeks ago. With a new powertrain and better tech, it’s the interiors and exteriors that have us hooked. It’s the styling that has caught everyone’s attention, including us. This adds more bling to a very famous mid-sized sedan segment. The The 2023 Honda Accord’s fresh face is due to its nicely proportioned design elements making it look like no other Accord the world has ever seen.

The current generation Honda Accord was already a beauty, and with the added curves it has taken its looks up a notch. The car looks bigger than ever before with a larger front grille. The tail has been refreshed with new lights which now extend from one end to the other with a Honda logo in the middle. Add a longer bonnet and lower rear to add to the sportiness expected from the highly capable mid-size saloon that is the Honda Accord. This is also complemented by revised interiors featuring the largest touchscreen ever seen on a 12.3-inch Honda car.

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How the 2023 Honda Accord stands out

Via: Honda

Honda knows how to make good cars. The Honda Accord is a living example of this. It has set benchmark after benchmark after hitting US shores more than 40 years ago. This is the 11th generation of the Honda Accord in the US market and continues to thrill us in the same way it did back then. Of its minimalist exterior design layout, Honda has gone back to the classic layout that will appeal to both old-school loyalists and new-age buyers. The new Honda Accord has decided to play it safe by being minimalistic on the outside with curves that will soothe everyone’s eyes.

The headlights of the new Honda Accord are angular, sleek and merge seamlessly with the front, including the grille. The grille is refreshingly new and wide, making the car sit lower and look wider than before. The new design of the Honda Accord cannot be called an aggressive upgrade, but it does encourage you to test its maximum potential in the blink of an eye. Some even go so far as to new Honda Accord luxurious with its basic but effective and purposeful layout. It’s new, it’s sleek, it’s sharp, it’s definitely modern, and it’ll make you want it the second you see it.

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The interior of the chord blends well with what’s on the outside

2023 Honda Accord Interiors image
Via: Honda

It’s not just on the outside where the 2023 Honda Accord shines. The interior has also been redesigned to provide an experience that starts when you first look at it and extends well beyond the time you’re inside. The minimalist look on the outside is also continued on the inside of the new Accord with a dashboard that looks stylish in a piano black finish. The overall look and feel of the 2023 Honda Accord’s interior is massive, to say the least, and offers more comfort.

Where the non-hybrid versions get a 7-inch infotainment system, the hybrid powertrains get a much larger 12.3-inch screen. This is also the largest screen Honda has ever offered on any of its cars. Then there’s a 10.2-inch digital instrument panel available as standard across the Accord range. The metal mesh that spans the entire dash hides the air vents and adds to the overall neat layout of the dash. Front body-stabilizing seats and thin A-pillars provide a more relaxed experience with better visibility.

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Why the 2023 Honda Accord also means more fun

2023 Honda Accord Three Quarters image
Via: Honda

Despite having the same wheelbase as the current version, the 2023 Honda Accord is 2.8 inches longer than its predecessor with a widened front track by 0.6 inches. The chassis has been modified to provide greater stability, especially at high speeds and when cornering. The suspension has been retuned to meet the expectations the new Accord promises to deliver. The sharper front end and the longer and lower stance all work well together to bring out the racer in you without looking mediocre.

Where the LX, EX and EX-L trims come with 17-inch wheels, the more exciting versions – Sport and Sport-L – come with 19-inch wheels, black side mirrors, a black rear spoiler and black rear diffusers. This will the fun element of the 2023 Honda Accord to greater heights where you don’t have to choose between looks and performance.