Honda Civic has some weird trade-in value

Honda Civic has great resale value and trade-in potential

When it comes to buy a car, the Honda Civic is one of the most popular choices in the United States. It tends to bring efficiency and usability at a reasonable price. Plus, the Honda Civic may be a gift that keeps on giving. Citizen owners may be happy to find that their car may be paying them back in trade-in and resale value.

How much is the Honda Civic worth in trade-in and trade value?

According to, the Honda Civic is one of the cars with the best trade-in and trade-in value. The Honda sedan reportedly had an eight percent increase in resale value. Furthermore, the Civic is worth more in trade-in value. That increase in trade value comes on the heels of dealers who report that they will already be paying 11 to 20 percent on trade-in payments as of 2020.