Houston drivers ranked 9th best drivers, data shows

Houston drivers ranked 9th best drivers, data shows

There are lies, damn lies and statistics. You know how we know it: because it’s all over the internet, attributed to Mark Twain – who attributed it to Benjamin Disraeli – who probably not said.

That’s exactly what came to my mind when QuoteWizard calculated that Houston’s ninth best drivers in the countrybased on an analysis of insurance quotes related to crash data, speeding fines, citations and arrests for drink-driving.

Yes, Houston, Texas. The Houston, Texas here, in this version of reality.

The ninth best drivers in the country. This nation. Among the 70 largest cities. This means that 61 other cities have worse drivers. Dan Houston. This Houston.

It may be a Houston that the locals don’t recognize. The same Houston considered the sixth sweatiest and the 18th best place to be a hipsterdirectly behind Louisville, Kentucky.

This isn’t the first time Houston drivers have scored high marks, either, with the city remaining 12th on the 2019 list.

This can come as a huge shock to anyone who has been in a car or truck on a Houston freeway, who has seen coils stuck under bridges, tires rolling on questionably inspected cars, or a driver ahead of them who turned on his left turn signal and fired. then three lanes to the right.

“Every city may think they have the worst drivers in the country, but our annual report identifies the ones that actually do,” the QuoteWizard folks said.

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Based on their rankings, that could be the case. Insurance quotes are a wealth of information about people and their past.

It may not be a fair comparison, given California — where many of the worst drivers live, according to the study — bans cell phone use while driving (Texas doesn’t) and enforces DUIs with sober checkpoints (Texas doesn’t) and red-light driving with cameras. (Texas not). That probably means the California Police Department is collecting more citations.

Meanwhile, I’ll note, the best drivers in the country live in Louisville, the 17th hipsteriest place in America. QuoteWizard commends Louisville for the lack of drivers receiving quotes.

Here’s the thing: I grew up in Louisville. I learned to drive in Louisville. I committed hundreds, if not thousands, of driving violations while living in Louisville. I have been quoted maybe seven times. I was convicted zero times, at least for anything considered a moving offense. To the fine folks at Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance, I was a model driver.

In 1994, I was stopped by the St. Matthews Police Department (the Bellaire of Louisville) and charged with reckless driving because my friend sat on the door of my car with the window down as I walked down a road similar to that of Westheimer at loop 610.

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It was stupid, I was stupid and he was stupid. He jumped up at a red light to wave at someone, the light turned green and I slowly moved forward while yelling at him. The police officer behind me poked me. Somehow my friend was not quoted for not wearing a seat belt.

Like anyone who had time over the summer holidays and couldn’t afford an expensive entry on my insurance, I disputed the ticket.

Due to the objections of the police officer and prosecutor, the judge dismissed the initial charge and charged me with faulty equipment so that I could pay a fine without losing points on my driver’s license. I wholeheartedly agreed, based on the idea that my friend was, in fact, flawed.

Not a lie, even if it goes against the stats.