How much they cost, one by one, in pesos and blue dollars

How much they cost, one by one, in pesos and blue dollars

loss SUV cars They became the most sought-after vehicles on the market, with such a wide range that only the major brands have models ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive with prices from less than $4 million to over $13 million. .

This diversification is allowed New customers choose SUV Instead of a passenger car, take advantage of The skills they have for different terrains,

As far as Most Wanted is concerned, there have been several incidents in recent months. in one hand, The medium-sized ones are dominated by the smaller ones, which historically pioneered patenting. This happens for a number of reasons, one of which is that as the odds grow, newer models and prices often overlap, making it more convenient to buy the largest.

In addition, there are offers within SUV B that increase because there is more”availabilty“At dealers, a feature that is not easy to find in these times of limited imports.

Top 10 Best Selling SUVs

With these trends taking center stage in the market, July’s 10 Best Selling SUVsAccording to the Association of Dealers of the Republic of Argentina, the Toyota Corolla Cross is the absolute leader, while the Citron C4 Cactus and Fiat Pulse boys lead the way. The ranking is as follows:

Toyota Corolla Cross

With 1,220 sales, the Brazilian-made Toyota Corolla Cross was the leading SUV in July. In the year, it filed 6,702 patents, an increase of 291.7 percent.

Toyota Corolla Cross on the platform of best-selling SUVs

In prices, the cheapest of this model Starts at $5,632,000, which is $19,630 at the blue exchange rate, while one of the most expensive is the Corolla Cross SEG HEV equipped with a hybrid engine, which costs $7,868,000. There is also a sport variant of this model, the Corolla Cross GRS 2.0 CVT, which costs 8,282,000 pesos.

Volkswagen Taos

It was the second best-selling model in July with 951 units, and a cumulative figure for the year of 4,792 units, indicating a 1,004.1% increase in sales.

One thing to note is that The only mid-sized SUV produced in the country, at the Volkswagen plant in Pacheco. While this may be an economic advantage, All versions are obtained by internal tax,

In terms of prices it starts $7,365,300, or $25,137 For the Blue Exchange, while the most expensive costs $9,186,800, the tax reached a different scale.

Citroen C4 Cactus

With 814 patents in July, the Citron C4 Cactus achieved 5,300 sales that year, indicating that 62.6% increase. With this number it is Best selling small SUV on the market,

In terms of prices, this model made in Brazil starts from the price of $4,146,000, i.e. $14,150 Al Nila, while the top of the range is 5,623,400 pesos.

Citron C4 Cactus, the best-selling small SUV.

Citron C4 Cactus, the best-selling small SUV car

fiat pulse

The latest SUV on the market is the Fiat Pulse, with 574 sales in July and 2,317 deposits since it launched last May.

With these figures, it is one of the most successful, partly due to its low price, as it is the cheapest in the segment. According to the prices proposed by the brand, it starts with the starting price $3,790,600, that’s $12,930While the top of the range is 4,219,300 pesos.

Chevrolet tracker

In July, sales of this small SUV reached 456, bringing the total to 2,523 in the year. The result shows a 34.1% decline over the year, although production in the country started a few months ago and is expected to lead to an improvement in supply and patents.

In terms of prices, Chevrolet Tracker Starts at $4,240,900, i.e. $14,474 for the blue change. For the top class, the price is determined by the domestic tax and is 7,076,900 pesos.

Volkswagen Nivus

With 447 registrations in July, this small-segment coupe-style SUV sold 2,334 units in the year, down 40.1%. This decrease is mainly due to a shortage of stock.

In terms of prices, the Nivus starts $4,292,250, u $s16,649 at the blue exchange rateWhile the most equipped is 6,725,400 pesos.

The Volkswagen Nivus, the coupe-style SUV, is in high demand and supply is scarce.The Volkswagen Nivus, the coupe-style SUV, is in high demand and supply is scarce.

The Volkswagen Nivus, the coupe-style SUV, is in high demand and supply is scarce.

jeep compass

The mid-sized SUV imported from Brazil achieved about 410 sales in July, with 2,139 registrations in the year, a 20.8% decline.

In how many prices it starts with a price of $7,625,600 i.e. $26,025 while the top of the range is 9,271,700 pesos.

Toyota SW4

With sales of 390 in July and 2,718 in the year, a decrease of 18.6% compared to the first 7 months of last year, this model is The only one in the D segment among the bestsellers, and also the only one produced in the country.

As for the prices, the Toyota SW4 starts $10,367,000, or $35,382, While the top variant costs 13,462,000 pesos.

Nissan Kicks

Nissan’s smallest SUV in the country, imported from Brazil, obtained 313 patents in July, up from 2,740 in the year. This result shows a decrease of 28.4% between January and July.

As for the prices, starts at $4,147,200, i.e. $s14,154While the full-exclusive CVT costs $6,730,000.

Nissan Kicks, one of the best-selling SUVs.Nissan Kicks, one of the best-selling SUVs.

Nissan Kicks, one of the best-selling SUV cars

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 2008 finished in the top ten best-selling SUVs in July with 311 units. In the year it collects 1,734, a decrease of 10.9% from the first 7 months of 2021.

In terms of pricing, this model starts at $4,146,000, that is, $14,150, and the full price is 5,739,500 pesos.