Huge Electric Car Company Has Arrived in the Jersey Shore

Huge Electric Car Company Has Arrived in the Jersey Shore

An electric car giant has made its way to Eatontown. Incredibly high gas prices, even though they are falling, have really pushed people to ditch their gas vehicles and go electric.

There have been many electric vehicles on the market for quite some time now. No one has yet had to challenge a specific company on what they can do there as far as reach and technology are concerned.

I am one of these electric car owners.

To say I was excited that a service center and dealer is coming to the Jersey shore was an understatement.

I am a Tesla owner.

Like their vehicles, their service is unique.

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Weather is a warranty issue, a flat tire or any other service that needs to be done on your vehicle, they will usually bring technology to you.

This process is a lot easier if there is a home base nearby.

Even with Tesla’s popularity growing in the garden state, there was no service center nearby.

Now we have one.

A few weeks ago I got a screw in my rear tire. I was able to quickly take it to a local tire center to get it hooked up quickly.

I opened my app to see where the nearest service center was and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Tesla service center in Eatontown finally open.

Not only did they take care of my tire, but he also took care of a few warranty recalls that came up when they checked the status of my car.

Start Tesla Service

You simply open your Tesla app, select service and then select the type.

Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media

Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media

For me it was tire and wheel, then tire change. After you submit the description and upload a quick photo, they will determine if you go to them or if they come to you.

I definitely thought I was taking a ride outside of Philadelphia or New York.

The Service Center is fully operational. There was a Model Y in a small room for people to see.

As the front of the building looks like, I assume there’s more to come in the way of “showroom” and a Tesla showroom isn’t really what you’d expect.

In my previous experience those cars are just amazing to go in and see first hand.

Then you have the cars to demonstrate outside.

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Then, if you’re lucky, there may be a car available to buy on site, but that’s very rare. You will still have to go through the process. and most like waiting for your vehicle.

According to an article by David Willis from the appthis location will provide a charger for public use.

If it was there, I wouldn’t have seen it. I applaud the company for bringing the service area up and running as this is a game changer.

Tesla in the address of Eatontown

This is Tesla’s new home in Eatontown. 269 ​​NJ-35, Eatontown, NJ 07724

How does New Jersey help you with the purchase of an electric vehicle?

According to statements by Governor Murphy, the state will provide a grant of $4,000 to reduce costs, and $250 to install a levy in the home.

There were other ways they tried to help with other incentives you can read about here.

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