Hyundai Tucson vs Jeep Compass – Top 7 Highlights Of The Flagship Hyundai Over The Rival Jeep SUV

Hyundai Tucson vs Jeep Compass - Top 7 Highlights Of The Flagship Hyundai Over The Rival Jeep SUV

Both have petrol and diesel engines, AWD and a premium looking cabin. So what else does the Tucson offer?

Hyundai has unveiled the fourth-generation Tucson in India. The carmaker’s flagship SUV can be booked from July 18, while prices will be announced in early August. With the generation update, the Tucson gets a complete makeover inside and out and gets a lot more premium. It rivals the likes of the Jeep Compass, Volkswagen Tiguan and Citroen C5 Aircross.

Currently, the Jeep Compass is the best-selling SUV in this space, and when we compare it to the new Tucson, there are many similarities. Both will get petrol and diesel engines with the option of AWD on their top diesel variants. As for equipment, they both offer up to six airbags, a large touchscreen infotainment system, a digital driver display, a 360-degree camera, two-zone climate control, a panoramic sunroof and numerous active safety features.

hyundai tucson vs jeep compass

So, here are the top seven highlights that rank the Tucson over the Jeep Compass:

Hyundai Tucson is much bigger in size










1865 mm











hyundai tucson vs jeep compass

The Tucson is 225mm longer than the Compass, which is a significant difference. It’s also wider, taller and has a longer wheelbase than the Jeep. This should translate into a bigger boot and more room in the cabin, but we’ll get to that later, once we have both cars side by side.

It will be ADAS

hyundai tucson vs jeep compass

The Tucson is the first car among its rivals to get this radar-based safety technology and is also the first Hyundai in India to offer the same. The ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) features here:

  • Forward Collision Warning

  • Automatic emergency braking

  • Blind spot collision detection and warning

  • Help avoiding blind spots

  • Lane Keeping Aid

  • Lane departure warning

  • Driver warning:

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • High beam assistant

Standard safety features

hyundai tucson vs jeep compass

Both SUVs come standard with many safety features such as ESC, all-wheel disc brakes and hill jump start aid. But the Tucson goes one step further with three additional features – six airbags, front parking sensors and slope control – all of which are standard on all its variants.

More Connected Car Tech Features

hyundai tucson vs jeep compass

The Tucson and Compass will get connected car technology, with remote control, on their large infotainments. But the former offers more advanced features, such as:

  • Remote engine start/stop

  • Remote climate control

  • Remote seat ventilation

  • TPMS information

  • Send destination to car

  • Real-time vehicle tracking

  • Voice assistant for climate control, sunroof, seat ventilation/heating, weather, maps and trunk open

  • Smartwatch connectivity with remote control

hyundai tucson vs jeep compass

As for the compass, it gets my Jeep, trunk remote, hazard lights and door lock/unlock, geo-fencing, vehicle health, and tow alert, all of which are also available on the Tucson.

Multi-air mode

This is a segment-first function. The Tucson gets a multi-air mode, which doesn’t place the AC directly on your face/body, but distributes it evenly throughout the cabin in a subtle and pleasing way, via small vents integrated across the width of the dash. Hyundai says these small AC slots ventilate the cabin evenly and provide a subtle breeze that won’t leave you feeling cold. As for the compass, it gets dual-zone AC, which you’ll also find aboard the Tucson.

Passenger seat walk-in device

hyundai tucson vs jeep compass

Another first feature of the segment, it is in fact electric control for the Boss Mode, where the person in the second row can electrically operate the front passenger seat via switches installed on the side of the passenger seat. This operation provides a reclining and shifting function. The compass doesn’t get this feature, or even manual Boss mode. However, both get electric front seats with ventilation, while the Tucson also gets heated front seats.

2nd row reclining seats

hyundai tucson vs jeep compass

The Tucson offers the option to recline the second row seats for added comfort. The reclining angle or the reclining step have not yet been mentioned. The compass doesn’t get the second row recline feature, but both get the 60:40 split adjustment.

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