Inside Top Gear star James May’s $709K car collection as he considers selling them to fund early retirement

Inside Top Gear star James May's $709K car collection as he considers selling them to fund early retirement

THE death of a close friend has led former Top Gear co-host James May to consider taking early retirement.

May said he would be selling vehicles in his car collection to fund his post-TV retirement years.


James May loads his Toyota Mirai . onCredit: DriveTribe

“A very good friend of mine passed away a few weeks ago. He took early retirement because he had always feared that his family would not live long, and he wanted to trade possessions for experience and knowledge.” emphatically reports.

May added: “That’s what he started doing, but unfortunately he got cancer and it killed him.”

The former Top Gear presenter will turn 60 in January and speculated about his future retirement, saying: “It’s something I’m quietly thinking about, and I suspect it’s not far off,”

Here’s your look at the cars May would have to sell to fund an early and adventurous retirement.

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May 2010 Porsche 911 997 Carrera S as listed on DriveTribe


May 2010 Porsche 911 997 Carrera S as listed on DriveTribeCredit: DriveTribe

$101k Porsche 911 997 Carrera S

May’s Porsche 911 997 Carrera S was on display at Unpimp My Ride

The premise of Unpimp My Ride is that a car owner removes changes to their vehicle.

May didn’t have to do a lot of work to unpimp his Porsche 911 997 Carrera S, as the car is almost exclusively OEM (original equipment manufacturing).

British Top Gear star’s Porsche 911 makes 385 horsepower and 310 lb-ft. of couple.

The design of May's original Ferrari 458 Speciale


The design of May’s original Ferrari 458 SpecialeCredit: Getty

$291k Ferrari 458 Speciale

May has owned more than one Ferrari 458.

The TV personality said: “Driving in my bright yellow Ferrari 458 Italia was no longer really acceptable. That would send a completely wrong message.

“I don’t want to be mistaken for the scion of a Saudi oil dynasty, when in fact I’m an unemployed TV host trying to hide in the background. So I thought I’d better get a dark blue one,” Driving The Sunday Times reports.

May’s Ferrari 458 Speciale offers faster shifting and braking than a standard Ferrari 458 model.

Alpine A110


Alpine A110Credit: Getty

$115k Alpine A110

DriveTribe called May’s Alpine A110 the most underrated car the former Top Gear host owns.

The Alpine A110 is the second French car to own this multimillionaire.

May clarifies that the 4-cylinder engine of his Alpine A110 with 248 hp is not a sports car, but a supercar.

The Briton humorously states that the reduced rear visibility and small luggage capacity are two cornerstones of the supercar experience that the A110 possesses.

James May's BMW i3 (left) drives alongside Jeremy Clarkson's Volkswagen Golf GTI (right)


James May’s BMW i3 (left) drives alongside Jeremy Clarkson’s Volkswagen Golf GTI (right)Credit: The Grand Tour

$44k BMW i3

May took his BMW i3 ownership to another level when he drag race the German electric car against Jeremy Clarkson’s Golf GTI.

The BMW i3 got the jump on Clarkson’s car at the start of their race, but Clarkson eventually took first place.

The results of this race were somewhat predictable, as electric cars have faster 0-60 mph times, but lower top speeds.

Moreover, the performance package within the GTI did not affect Clarkson’s chances of winning.

James May poses with his Tesla Model S 100D


James May poses with his Tesla Model S 100DCredit: INSTAGRAM/jamesmaybloke

$94k Tesla Model S 100D

Tesla’s Model S 100D is part of May’s extensive car collection.

The ‘D’ part of this Tesla model stands for ‘dual motor’.

The Model S100D’s front and rear engine configurations pave the way for 400 horsepower and four-wheel drive.

Tesla’s Model S100D automatically improves itself via Wi-Fi updates.

James May and his Toyota Mirai as seen on DriveTribe


James May and his Toyota Mirai as seen on DriveTribeCredit: DriveTribe

$49k Toyota Mirai

May’s other electric car is a Toyota Mirai.

The Mirai is arguably May’s most practical vehicle with its single front-wheel electric motor, 152 horsepower, and torque half as strong as a Tesla Model S.

James May and his beach buggy


James May and his beach buggyCredit: INSTAGRAM/jamesmaybloke

$15k beach buggy

The beach buggy of this former Top Gear presenter is made from an original Volkswagen Beetle.

May notes that this transformed vehicle is the oldest car he owns, even though most of the parts are new.

Many said many of the buggy’s parts are metal and would be damaged by salt if he took the vehicle to the beach.

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